#ThisIsNigeria; Payment before delivery is nothing but a compliment


Thank you. You know it wasn’t just that sweet as an experience


Yes. A lot about Nigeria o. Thank you dear


#ThisIsNigeria; fire is our weapon of defence


Yea I do. I must not even try scamming anybody because I know how I felt when i was the object. And for those Yahoo guys, they must know #ThisIsNigeria; repercussion shows face more than political promises


Nice sorry


Awww too bad. We learn everyday!


Yes we do learn everyday…!!!


So many funny things happen you know…


Thank you dear. This is Nigeria o


Yesso. Most are unwanted though


Yea. Thank you. Nigeria reminds us everyday that we are in Nigeria


The way Nigeria teaches us deep lessons ehn.


I learnt a lot too even as the victim. Nigerians see every predicament as the result of a spell but deep down our actions are the reasons for a lot


Very interesting write up babygirl. Kudos❤️❤️❤️❤️


Welcome to Nigeria :joy:


This is a real situation o. I have seen a number of IG scams too but being patient at times can get you out of this trouble. Sorry ehn. Nice storyline


Shine your eyes


For a moment, I was in that ‘this is Superstory’ kind of mood but then trust and integrity is still lacking in our Society. Witty Scribble though and a lot of essons learnt. #ThisisNigeria


Sorry o. I can only imagine how your chest would have been doing gbish gbish after you realized that you had been scammed. On the bright side you’ll make better and more thorough decisions in future.


Thank you dear. Experience ehn