#ThisIsNigeria; Payment before delivery is nothing but a compliment


Yesso. Learn before you leap here


Thank you dear. Now I know the imperativeness of patience


Because this is Nigeria


Yesso. We only advertise integrity but do not operate it here in Nigeria. Too bad!


Sincerely, my mind went on a peace leave and returned. I felt the ways I never felt. But now, I’m a stronger and wiser Nigerian


This is Nigeria o. Even the smartest can be. scammed. Let’s all be careful and stop eyeing other people’s status. It’s the eyes that is finding “iwakuwa” that will see “irikuri”


A good one @flourish . Trust you’ve learnt your lessons now … Good job, keep it up dear.


All in the name of lip service!


Abi o, My People kuku have a saying that “Oju ni alakan fi nso ori”


Those ones that will even intentionally follow your account nko, some deep level Scammer to gbaski


Yes my sister. Inordinate desires make us lose more than our self confidence. Money has gone like that niyen


Yes I’ve learnt a lot. Thank you




I got to believe that following my unique Nigerian experience


Lol. God save us from them


Amen o




Amen matters here in Nigeria


Yes. And we must apply wisdom too


I just keep reading over and over. Interesting and lesson-filled storyline