#ThisIsNigeria; Payment before delivery is nothing but a compliment


Yea. Thank you


Nigeria will change someday we believe. But for now This is Nigeria


If our tomorrow depends on our today, then we must jettison this illusion that change will come someday, when we can just be the change in present times.


Yes. Today’s solution would obviously beat tomorrow’s actions


Wow. I can so relate to this.


Hopeful soul. As much as I believe this…we will need 200 million Nigerians- dead or alive to effect the change. But, somehow, this is still Nigeria. I’m tempted to doubt change.


Someday. Why not yesterday? Why not today? Why must it begin the next day?


Add whatever you need to sorry, good combo…then make it your lifestyle. How about that?


It’s a ripple effect kinda thing which rubs off on everyone we come in contact with, albeit if we are ready to act rightly.