#ThisIsNigeria: Purpose Hunt


#ThisIsNigeria: Purpose Hunt
This is Nigeria that doesn’t believe in me neither me in her. That her oldies doesn’t want to grow and her newbies think they know it all, bottom line- to keep up with faces.

This is my Nigeria that I think I’ve lost it (stress from lecturers, danfo drivers, annoying neighbours, me thinking over and over again on how to spend the last 1k in my account- so tiring). Searching for my aim in life like I’m looking for a needle in a bag of rice, which is one of the reason I attend sermons, and what do I get- “be steadfast in your worship”, and is it working- I don’t know, maybe it’s just me that’s not having that patience. Listening to inspirational talk only to find out that he/she had all the silver spoons that was needed, had all the right contact on phone before he/she came to this world, please how can this person advise me best on my situation?

Then I came to the conclusion that the way out of this situation is out of this country, don’t hate me for it, my grades might not give me the best I want, my connection might not help, what other choice do I have?

Win ₦100k : Tell Us Your Naija Story - #ThisisNigeria
Win ₦100k : Tell Us Your Naija Story - #ThisisNigeria
Win ₦100k : Tell Us Your Naija Story - #ThisisNigeria
Win ₦100k : Tell Us Your Naija Story - #ThisisNigeria
Win ₦100k : Tell Us Your Naija Story - #ThisisNigeria

Nice one, Bola. :clap::clap::clap:

You write so well, and yeah, you don’t have to wait for Nigeria to believe in you before you believe in yourself. Neither is finding your way out of the country the best way to remedy the situation. Change begins with you.

If we all run away from Nigeria in search of fresh air, who then would build the country of our dream? The struggle is real though, I know 🤦


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Don’t give up on Nigeria just yet, i personally believe there’s hope…however little. Nice story.


Thanks so much, but that’s the reality to so many, the sad truth


Spoken like a truly pained Nigerian. May our hunt for purpose not be in vain.

Nice one Bola​:+1::+1:




Great Read Bola. Can definitely relate with the existential crisis that comes with being Nigerian. We all looking for a purpose. Last last we go dey alright


Naija aint got nothing for us…better we leave if we can.


This is a nice piece, love it :heart_eyes:


Dear Bola, you have said it all. Don’t give up, I agree with you though but remember the sky is your starting point. Nice write up


Wow amazing piece I love it don’t let the Nigeria of today define you, you are a strong beautiful and a very industrious woman never ever give up on your dreams xoxo


Great piece. Really awesome. Makes a whole lot of sense


Truth be told this is interesting


well that’s not very patriotic is it ?

Haha :neutral_face:


This where we find ourselves… But we shouldn’t loose faith in ourselves but hope that our little effort will produce something great


Lovely writeup bola


Hey bola…nice one here…you speak for many of the hardworking nigerian youths who have been termed lazy amidst their struggles…everyone seeks greener pasture…may God help us.


So on point. What drives me insane on this matter is that one rich child from somewhere will be the one encouraging you as if they can ever be in your shoes.
When opportunity comes, for sure, I’ll fly… Despite that I love Naija.


Nigeria will be great…I see light at the end of the tunnel…keep believing…9ce piece bola