#ThisIsNigeria: Purpose Hunt

There’s light at the end of the tunnel…we keep hope alive.God bless Nigeria now and alway


I guess that’s the only option thus nation is giving to the youths

Bola we are going to the abroad together.


Bola the grass is not so green on the other side either high cost of living yet low income. I think what’s most important is to be able to create something for yourself. Find that thing you loving doing the most monetize it, it will help your fiance anywhere you find yourself. Nigeria will be great don’t give up on 9ja yet…


Bola very nice piece. Nigeria is going to be Great

Thanks, we hope so

WORD, it’s not that easy

WORD, it’s not that easy

Deep…seems shallow but very deep, if only the right people can view it the right way.

I enjoyed this…you should do more of writing, maybe it’ll get you out of Nigeria fir good. :slight_smile:

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Nice piece of work

Nice one bola

don’t give up on your work
Nice write up @Bola

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thanks very much bola,i believe in nigeria…

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God help me not to

Nonetheless we need Nigerians to build Nigeria.


You’re right, cause we best know our problem

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True, each and everyone of us without the silver spoon can relate to this. Just like someone said here, find a way to monetize your passion, and you’ll be alright. Don’t give up on Nigeria love. Great piece

Naija isn’t a very patriotic country…do you wanna be our naija superman

You better chase ur own greatness and let naija do its thing.

Chop knuckle my man.