#ThisIsNigeria: Riches at all cost


In my country, everyone wants to be rich not minding what they have to do. This is a medium to share my story which i have been holding back.

On the 28th of december 2017, I closed late from work where I did my I.T, that is Punch Newspaper, Ogun State. I was supposed to close 6:30pm but because one of the workers got sacked, I had to prepare her food and beverage page for saturday punch so I left work at 8pm. The M.D saw me strolling to the bus stop and knowing it’s an isolated place, he assisted and dropped me at the bus stop. I collected my allowance that day.

The buses stopping had only a space or two left and we were many at the bus stop, so a sienna drove by and two ladies who were standing with me told me to enter that dey were going my way. I entered and I noticed the car was dark, 3 men were seated and I was at the back in d middle of the women, trapped.

The driver called two bustops and I said I was dropping at ibafo. The car stopped at a petrol station, the women got down and I wanted to follow them, one of the men pushed me back and hit my head with the back of a gun; he wanted me to black out, but I didn’t… I kept shouting Jesus, I was blindfolded and they drove past my bus stop. Then they started arguing that one baba said they should bring a virgin, another one said they cannot take me because I was shouting Jesus, so they ransacked my bag and took my allowance, #17,000… and my phone. Then, the driver parked, saying he wanted to ease himself. He came to the back seat and told me to pull my clothes, he put d gun on my head and the cutlass on my neck that I must not make noise. Ihad to co-operate.

When he was through, he threw my things at me and told me to get down and run inside the bush. I did as he said and when I removed d
the blindfold, they were gone. I dressed up and started running. A bike man passing turned back and asked what d problem was, I explained to him and he helped me to a safer place; redemption camp from sagamu round about.

Then, an old man crossing saw me crying and asked what happened… The bike man explained and the old man called my parents for me.

Going through dubious means to gain wealth, would only lead to regrets.
Only through hard work and determination can one reach the top.
This is my country
This is my story


Touching story. Thank God for saving you.

You are right. Going through dubious means to gain wealth would surely lead to regrets someday.


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Touching story. Keep it up, dear