As Scientists, we do wicked things changing the order of compounds just to suit our needs and sometimes for no particular reason.

Sometimes, we do not alter the state of compounds only, we tend to play the same game with other humans too.

UNILAG did the same, altering my life’s direction from aspiring towards becoming a Medical Doctor, to a botanist. I could have rejected the offer, walked away and purchased a new JAMB form, filled in a different University and strived towards my original goal but this is Nigeria and when given an opportunity, even if it were Botany, a meaningless course(as I thought at that time) you’d have to accept it and count yourself lucky.

Now a second year botanist -in-training, I have come to understand that Nigerian youths do not really get what they want, we are handed down whatever the society deems fit and are expected to accept while praising the magnanimity of the previous generations. But we are all experiments, per projects of the society and whoever we become isn’t just a result of our components but the society that didn’t leave us in our original states, innocent, beautiful, pure and clueless.

This is Nigeria where for better, for worse, every youth is a Science project.


Hey darling, firstly I must commend you… You write brilliantly. Keep it up. Welcome to Zegist too. :smiley::smile:

I may not know much about science, but trust me, the society doesn’t really have the power to define you.

Like @evansakanno would say, “The fight for success is between you and your excuses”.


@Mira sure the society doesn’t decide who we are but it plays a huge part in deciding how large the deviation between who we are and who we want to be.


Yeah baby, you are right.

Meanwhile, you are very beautiful. #melaninpopping :heart_eyes:


Wow!! @Imani this is great insight.

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Amazing…this is very true. Nice one :clap::clap:


Rightly spoken…

I could feel an out pour of emotions in that short piece…

Keep it up Girl…

This is also true @Imani you should understand that there comes a time when you have to take charge… Take matter concerning your life into your own hands… Cos if you don’t someone else will and the next thing is to complain.

#ThisIsNigeria and we can #GetBetter


Still, on the scientific analysis, let us take a brief overview of Genetics.
Gregor Mendel categorized the make up all living organism into Genotype and Phenotype.

  1. Genotype. - this is the total genetic makeup of the organism. This trait might be dominant (manifest itself physically) or recessive (it is present in the genes but silent). All traits in the genotype are transferable from parent to offspring.
  2. Phenotype.- this is the physical appearance or performance of an organism. It is dictated by the manifestation of dominant genes and or the environment. In other words,
    Phenotype = Genotype + Environment.
    However, changes in the appearance or performance of an organism that is brought about solely as a result of environmental influence cannot be transferred from parent to offspring.

That being said, it is possible for two identical twins with the same genetic makeup to differ in appearance and performance if placed in a totally different environment.
so For those of you that are saying that society does not matter, hell yeah it does!

Let’s take this a step further. Let us assume that we are able to quantify the effect of our genetic potential and that of the environment with respect to a particular trait Say creativity for example.
It is safe to assume that our Genetic potential is constant (because it is innate) so we assign it a value of positive 5. Also, say we assign an enabling environment a value of positive 3. Then
Our phenotype for creativity is then 5+3= 8.
Now assume the organism is placed in an environment with a negative effect (say -3). No light, no food, no water, and every moment is a constant competitive struggle for survival. Our phenotype for Creativity would then be 5-3= 2.
As you can see, the effect of a negative environment can even diminish the Genetic Potential of the organism.

In Nigeria Now, there is a massive Brain Drain going on that the Government is either oblivious of or unconcerned about. Even those with seemingly good jobs want to get away. It is alarming and a huge cause for concern.

For those of us who are stuck here, it is still possible to change our immediate environment without going anywhere. We can start by being selective of the people we associate with. Also good books and movies and documentaries are relevant time traveling machines that can take you to worlds you have never been.

As Nigerians, it is a known fact that we’ve got the brilliant Genes and its only a matter of time before we begin to shine.


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Nice…This post reads like a poem…i like :+1:t5: Being a science project isn’t necessarily bad though. This experiments might actually be grooming you into who you should be. A lot of us that are working didn’t study anything related to what we’re doing now. Your options are still wide open and you can be anything you want. Keep your chin up.


Please don’t settle for that botany if it’s not what you want. My younger brother and sister are twins. One studied Diplomacy (what He wanted). His sister wanted to study gynaecology, but was given Medical Science because they weren’t slots available at the time. After a year, she threatened to drop out of out of school if she didn’t get gynaecology. My brother graduated at 2016. My sister now is in her second year studying gynaecology…in China.
Please don’t settle what this Nigerian society is giving you. Take what you want from the hands of life itself.

Lol, being a science project isn’t so bad, I’m in love with Botany now and maybe I was redirected but then we have to believe in things like fate and if we can’t make the best of what we have