#ThisIsNigeria: The first time


It was the season finale of the most celebrated series of the year, who was gonna die?, would he still love her?

The cliffhanger from the previous episode has still not been resolved, and it looks like the series could be stretching to another season. Then he steps into the scene, utters some heartfelt words to his lover, looking deep in her eyes, you could see the pain in his eyes, he spoke slowly and progressed in the same way towards his lover. I could feel my heart drop, I was no longer on this planet.

I want to feel a love as such, but mine wasn’t so far fetched.

She sat there next to me, her eyes fixed on the television screen. She was drawn as I was, to the emotional scene playing out, her braids were dangling on the sides of her head, her legs crossed on the couch, her beautiful thighs were more pronounced because of the bum shots she wore. She looked at me surprised by how focused I was on her.

Hey, what’s wrong? I hope it not the film sha”, she grinned, looking away. But I never did the same. She looked back and grinned once more.

Come here”, I said in a commanding tone. She moved closer to me, I placed my right hand on her face, looked deep in her eyes and went in for the kiss. Before I could meet her lips, she whispered gently,
"What are you doing? "
shhhh”, I replied, at a more silent tone and kissed her. We forgot about the season finale, we were no longer concerned about how this episode was going to end, but how this was going to end.

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