#ThisIsNigeria: Your Phone Not Yours


This is Nigeria where you are never the real owner of your gadgets. Phones stolen, is me really saying phones taken back by the real owners. I hear stealing strategies and I wonder whether the synonym of intelligence should be changed to robbery. Like robbery can be defined as an occupation that requires intelligent and strategic movement to and from the venue of activity.

My first encounter is still fresh in my mind. It was a Thursday night. I went for a prayer vigil at the chapel in Unilag. In the intensity of the prayers, I kept my bag amongst others. My thoughts never predicted that after the vigil, I will be the lady shouting ‘leave me alone’ to comforters. I was like, you better leave oo, because your phone is here, you are calm, you better let the water (tears) flow. My philosophy was ‘na stagnant water dey smell’, meaning no tears, more pain. Like that was not enough, the guy used my phone to withdraw 10,000 from my account ( He did it through loading credit. Online banking was recently introduced so it didnt need to use password if the number was registered). I vividly remember walking, hopelessly from the bank as they told me to go and block my account at another branch. Like that was not enough, after I retrieved my sim, the guy’s mother and girlfriend called me. Behold, he has been used my number to call them. With the hope that I will get my phone back, I texted them that their son/boyfriend stole my phone. While bargaining with his mother, the small phone, I was using to text them, was stolen by an old woman who sat by me in the BRT. It was when I was retracing my steps, I realised her ‘pressing her body’ on my school bag to pass, was a strategy. sighs Thank God, I already knew where I was going so I didnt need to call for directions. You think you are an unlucky Nigerian shey. Okay ooo.

There is third one ooo… After months of being phone less, I switched to torchlight phone, then I got a Tecno CX Air. It was at a prayer meeting at the amphitheatre of University of Lagos. While I was standing, this thief must have gone beneath the amphitheatre to carry his bag and mistakenly taken mine. So since he loved the contents, he kept it. That day, I didn’t leave that place till almost 12pm. See me acting like a mad person, walking up and down like I didn’t have hope, crying in my friend’s arms. Some Unilag boys passed and were laughing at me. I didn’t even care. I went to my friend’s hostel that night, used her phone to search how to track a phone, downloaded multiple tracking applications but all of them required that the data of the lost phone must be switched on.

With all these experiences, I think my tears for stolen phones have finished. The phone I am using now, I prayed on the phone. My prayer : 'Lord, anyone that looks at my phone with the intention of stealing it, fire fire​:fire: :fire: '. So, I have started a motivational class for first time victims of stolen phones.

Thieves, it is perfectly legal if you never get caught just as it is perfectly legal to beat up a thief. In the motivational class, we will studying numerous non-violent ways to deal with a thief.

Win ₦100k : Tell Us Your Naija Story - #ThisisNigeria
Win ₦100k : Tell Us Your Naija Story - #ThisisNigeria

I still can’t get over my case. It’s still like a dream to me. The way my phone was taken was so strategic. It’s like these guys have been trained. Their execution is flawless, tactics clean and effective.


As in @Tamara


This is really Nigeria, where you are not the real owner of your phone. :sob::sob:


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Lol. Funny. But my phone hasn’t been stolen before so I think I’m excluded. :laughing::laughing:
My condolences to Y’all., :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Mehn…so true! May God help us👌


Sad story uhn…
Happened to my sis last year too,two phones got taken by the real owners :smirk::smirk:


Lol… I was like this before until my phone developed wings last year’s November. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I can relate ma. I still can’t forget the circumstances surrounding my stolen phone last year. We had ended exams for the first semester in UNILAG and only a few of us were still in the hostel.

I had to go for a variety night programme organised by my fellowship and so by night when I came back to the hostel with my friend, he left to use the Wi-Fi at the common room with some of my roommates too. It happened on a Saturday. I was the only one left inside the room and due to the stress of the day, I juts plugged my phone and slept off forgetting to bolt the door.

Then the next morning which was Sunday, I woke up unusually late, my alarm was supposed to wake me up, then I decided to check time on my phone that I left to charge only to discover it wasn’t there again but seeing that my friend’s phone was plugged to my charger, I thought he was with it…

Only to get the greatest shock of my life “Am not with it, I met the charger empty”, that was his response…

I really couldn’t concentrate well in service that day.



This was my matriculation gift from UNILAG. We had just finished Matric ceremony and I was going to meet my parents outside the hall. Low and behold, after pushing my way through the crowd of students. I was left phoneless with tears in my eyes.


lol… pele in arrears :rofl::rofl:


Thank you oh.


I know how it feels. my experience last papers of exams at Dli in both semesters of my 2nd year


I feel this guys have mastered the art of deception and misdirection…
Cos how they do it that you don’t even remember until its long after they are far gone away from you…

It still amazes me till now…


You’re not alone jaare. I lost my brand new Blackberry curve less than 2 weeks after i got it back in 200 level, my heart felt physically heavy. I would have cried if I had the capacity to.


I don’t know why but for me, it is like for the first few minutes, I am just silent from shock and denial, then the next minute, I am wailing in tears and saying why me?


They are really swift-footed


They operate in crowded places. Someone will just ‘hit your shoulder by mistake’.


You are the one in a million. I wish I was in your shoes. But the experience has made me streetwise