#ThisIsNigeria: Your Phone Not Yours


Hehe…that is probably your personal realization/grief process. sorry ehn.


Thank you jawe


Lol… Wailer.

As for me, I didn’t cry o… Something just entered my eyes that night.

I realized the phone was missing earlier that day but I didn’t want to believe it. And to think the suspect is my relative. 🤦

It was my sister’s wedding and I was very busy. So I gave my purse to my brother, and instead of onku to hold my purse well, he went to keep it in the car(#lazy Nigerian Youth). And the only persons that were carried in that car were relatives. So every accusing finger was pointing at one person… I also suspected him to be the one.

Long story short, after the wedding, he disappeared. I have not seen him again. Obviously, the person that took that phone knew it was mine because of my wallpaper, and I kuku don’t lock my phone, so no stress for that person :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.

I don’t know why he didn’t also take the purse :joy::joy:.

@Ruthe, I didn’t wail like you o… Something just entered my eyes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah… Misdirection for you to loose focus…


:joy: :joy:


Let me share my own tale.

It was a good Tuesday morning.
I was pressing my phone till I got to the bus stop, so I decided to keep the phone in my backpack so I’d be able to struggle to get into the bus (lagosians yunno how we roll na).
I didn’t know I was being watched or something.
As soon as an empty Ikeja bus stopped in front of me, I struggled with other people to get a seat in the bus. As luck would have it, I managed to enter with my small body.

Placing my backpack on my laps, I realized one of the zips was opened…I felt I probably forgot to close it. Like i normally do, I searched the bag for my phone to check the time …I didn’t know when I started opening every other part of the bag, panicking.
The woman beside me saw my plight and suggested I use her phone to call my line.
Brethren, my phone had been switched off by its real owners
I couldn’t cry, was only shocked.
Minutes ago it was in my hands.
Minutes later it was gone.
The thief had probably seen me put the phone in my bag and mixed with the crowd, pretending to enter into the bus…only to open the backpack strapped behind my unsuspecting self, and BAM, he was gone.

I learnt my lessons sha.
Always carry your backpack/handbag in front of you. And be very cautious of everybody surrounding you, the one in suit might even be a thief and you wouldn’t know.


Hehehe… Sorry in arrears.


Like my experience too. It was after a while I discovered my phone was gone


I haven’t experienced it but hearing your story makes me feel lucky. Pele dear


The day my phone was “taken”, the guy told me that he was a cultist. He even threatened to knife me.:worried::worried:
I humbly gave him his phone. " Who am I to argue against the gods?"


Lol… This one just cracked me up… You even remember the day…

Not making fun of it though… But Really…??




lol… who are to argue with a strong man? :joy::joy:

@geezybee remember the strong men of Ekosodin that dash some guys free slap for walking with a girl? :joy::joy::joy:


Lol, because they are the real owners na!!!


Lol… Abi? Argue and die 🤦


Whao. I am in shock at your story


well, that’s how we roll in Naija… Truly, your phone is not yours here… So, while you still have it Please take care of it before the real owners come for it… Smiles


This is one big experience. I will be happy to take part in the motivational class.lol


Everybody is hustling. Just that some people’s hustle spoils the hustle of others.


Lol ruth…i can remember when this happened