#ThisIsNigeria: Your Phone Not Yours


Lesson 101 for Lagosians.


Lol… Where there’s crowd, in Nigeria, everyone is a suspect.

I’m more concerned with crossing my bag and keeping it in front, being conscious of the zips and pockets, than being concerned about who stepped on me. I don’t keep any valuable in the exposed pocket sef.


Lol. Yes, really.
I remembered the exact day because it was when I resumed work after the Sallah holidays.


Lol. “His phone”


Lol, this is sad and funny at the same time. Nice and touching story Ruth. I’ve never lost a phone once but hope I can attend your class for all the new biros some people borrow from me that never gets returned?


Especially at the bank. They come with no Biro and leave with one. At least the bankers are smarter. They tie the pen to their desk. It’s people like me that are left without a pen. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Numerous phone theft experience…
I soak my phone in anointing oil
It has gotten to a point where we will be placing our phones under church altars for protection and fortification lol
Nice piece Ruthie


FAM, My welcome gift to UNILAG was my phone getting stolen. Second time was the most hilarious, Nigga said I should tie my shoe lace that wasn’t unlossed, he kept insisting I should tie my shoe lace… It for brother to remove my phone. By the time my head clicked, I was just appreciating his intellect rather than cry…


Thank you


:joy: :joy:

Win ₦100k : Tell Us Your Naija Story - #ThisisNigeria
Win ₦100k : Tell Us Your Naija Story - #ThisisNigeria
Win ₦100k : Tell Us Your Naija Story - #ThisisNigeria
Win ₦100k : Tell Us Your Naija Story - #ThisisNigeria

I’m constantly reminded that ad long as this world is not my home…same is my phone…after one experience om that red brt…i never for once took it again…lol


Lol…so funny.
Nice piece


Lovely story :raised_hands:t4:


Relatable story… Intelligent write up. I’m so proud of you darling. You hit the nail on the head. Well done


As in…


Lmaoo i can so relate to this :joy: intelligent write up. Keep up the good work b​:hugs::hugs:


Lool woww :joy:


Their leg is fast like wind


If it is possible to be putting small padlock sef. But they can cut under the bag. So holding it at your front is the most reliable. But they can use charm. So prayer is the key too


Experience of a lifetime. I am intervening for your current phone. Nice piece