Tips for a better healthy living

  1. Sleep at least 5 hours in a day. Except you’re a coder, I see no reason why you want to kill yaself. Nna, if you like say “sleep is for the weak,” I have not eaten Jollof rice in months, to come down to that joint, and secure a plate when you break down, will be an achievement for me.

  2. Think less about your problems and be grateful for all that you are and have. We disturb ourselves with too many thoughts, and if we do a proper evaluation, we’d see that a large number of these thoughts are not relevant.

  3. Stop bickering on social media. We involve ourselves in pettiness too much. We always want to be right, we want to tear the head of the person who seems to lack common sense and put some sense in. We do not always have to be right, learn to let go, and let God, biko. Learn to ‘look and pass.’ If the seeming ignorance is too much, by all means, cringe and hit the ‘back’ key. This life no too hard like that, na we dey make am hard for ourselves.

  4. Cultivate positive and meaningful habits. Learn not to chew your nails in public. Stop sneering at people. When having a discussion with someone, put your phone in your pockets and focus on the discussion. Our touch screens should not make us lose touch with reality.

  5. Having a significant other is not compulsory. Chei, nowadays, it seems as if the only place we can find love is in a relationship, thus many are seeking tooth and nail to be in one without learning to love themselves and people around them, first. If kasala burst now, you will be in a mess and it is not good for your health. According to Dr. Sinatra, America’s no. 1 Integrative Cardiologist, emotional stress from a heartbreak can affect you physically. He writes, “Not only can heartbreak have a devastating impact on your emotional health, the loss of a vital connection can lead to the literal breakdown of the functions of the heart. If your body remains in this alarm mode for any length of time, you become prone to stress-producing conditions, ranging from aching neck muscles and headaches to ulcers, allergies, diminished sexual desire and heart disease.” Thus, protect your health from emotional stress by protecting your heart. My people say “provision store is better than kiosk.”

  6. Eat healthy foods. Many of us, we do not eat fruits (I do fall under here, but I am repenting), only jedi jedi. Today shawarma, tomorrow gala and coke, the next bread and noodles. Haba! There are many healthy food recipes around that we can, and should dive into.

  7. Enjoy good times with good people. Sometimes you just need to go out and have good pammy (palm wine) with correct pepper soup and your choice of assorted with your good buddy, while laughing quality laughs. It may not be this, but you know how you can spend quality time with your real guys/babes.

Finally, as much as you can, radiate positivity. We have too many negatives in the world already, be the light in your own small corner.

Longer quality lives to us all. Amen.



Amen!! @ogeh47 @yvonne and @evansakanno have you guys heard?

Later you pipu will not sleep till 4am and then you wake up by 6am and then you wee naw say you have slept…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Soak cold garri and kulikuli after a rough day.

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correkt wan!


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  1. No forget to shit. No dey form oyinbo, because even oyinbo dey shit sef :joy:

So useful tips. Thank you so much! I would recommend you to read here about healthy lifestyle.