Tips for a healthy Christian Life

One of the most refreshing daily exercises that you will ever participate in is the choice to spend time in worship. It is of vital importance that you understand that the time spent in sheer worship is going to enable you to withstand the storms of life. Worshipping the Lord every day in the shower, while you are driving, or even when you are going for a walk, will give you the perspective of heaven on your situations. Singing while you are doing the dishes and folding laundry will put a spring in your step and joy in your heart. Are you one of those spiritually anorexic Christians who only sing songs of worship on Sundays? You are missing the best part of life! Trust me - you do not want to miss the delight of cleaning the ashes off your life, ridding yourself of the grief and putting on the garment of praise that Jesus has provided for you. It’s the greatest exchange in all of recorded history: you give Him your pain and heartbreak and He gives you a garment of praise!

Culled from: Holy Emotions - Biblical Responses to Every Challenge.




The power of praise is unexplainable, you just have to experience it. @Aniekan how was church today?


Church was good.
The devil wanted to embarrass me but my God is mighty!

Testimony Time
That’s how I arrived church and was about walking in when 2 girls behind me tapped me and told me that my dress has torn.
They took my hand to the place and it was right under my zip around my butt area.
Lord Jesus! I quickly thanked them and had to go to the hostel and ask around for thread and needle to stitch it before coming back to church.

My mum was so quick to say it’s because we are always sewing tight clothes. But this particular cloth wasn’t even tight o. The stitch just loosened.

How was church? @fola @evansakanno


Now I think this is funny :grinning::grinning:
The devil is conquered. No weapons fashioned against your butt area shall prosper.


Amen. Shall not prosper o

Just imagine if it happened inside church or no one told me about it and I was forming fine girl with hole in her cloth.


Jesu! Chai! Thank God for sending those ladies o


:see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: sincerely, I didn’t go to church today.


Anytime I don’t go to church I always listen to BIshop TD Jake’s live stream on city FM from 10am- 12pm. It’s always uplifting.

Anytime I’m at crossroads and don’t know what else to pray about I just praise and worship. I don’t need to go to church to do that.


Ha! @Aniekan the devil is a liar o. Thank God for those girls and the pin.
African mothers sha :rofl::joy:

My own testimony… I forgot my purse and when I entered the bus with my sister conductor asked hope u have change, I said yes and was reaching for the purse… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: sharp sharp I told driver please stop oh! I don forget purse for house make dem no come beat me on top my fine girl. Those conductors get bad mouth ehn. But what saved me was when he said hope u have change else I for reach church bus stop dey scratch head.
God is good!


Thank God o


That feeling when am listening to
Wonder by bethel music
Hallelujah :grin:

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I like what is going on here. Everyone is sharing tips on how to live a healthy spiritual life. Keep em coming!

See ehn… There are a lot of people visiting our site and getting ideas on a better lifestyle.


Audio Bible works wonders for me.

I can’t really explain it but hearing the Word just seems much more real and applicable to me. Plus I can listen to it while in transit or at the office or juat in bed meditating


Yesterday’s morning when i was singing those heavenly songs … mummy was like “damilare today is good ooo, you aint singing ur worldly songs”

When prayer and fasting seems not to work … just take it to God in praise and worship …


Which audio bible do you use?

Amplified…something something

Here’s the link

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You’re welcome


I could kiss your momma right now…It’s so funny and cute…

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God knows I’m not the 100% perfect Christian but I try to renew my place with God every minute I can…

So what I do is,
I sing worship songs or listen to songs whenever I can… In the shower, on my way to work and back,while washing or working… I just try…

When I walk, I pray too. I realize we don’t have to go to church to pray or kneel… Even while working, you can pray, while walking on the streets too…

Don’t just feel you’re the worst Christian ever existed…
Don’t give up chasing Christ.

With every chance you get, connect to him…

Don’t let your past judge you too…

Just connect however and whenever you can…