Top Authors and Influencers for July 2018


Top Authors

Hello @zegisters it’s time to announce the top 3 authors for the month of July. This reward is granted to three members that create the most engaging stories for the month. This is automatically calculated based on a high amount of likes, replies and views on a topic. Here are the top 10 current top stories for the month of July in ascending order.

@theimisioluwa’s What’s the Fuzz about the “one-knee-proposal” thingy?
@queennette’s Do I Go Ahead And Make This Day My Worst Day in 2018?
@MrBiggie’s Happy birthday To Meeee
@Chum_Sky’s Life itself 😐
@lifeofesse’s EXCLUSIVE: Conversation Between Me and My X in Ajegunle
@Sunky97’s I Kill Human Beings For Just ₦10,000 – 20-year Old Female Cultist
@Tehila’s Acrimony the movie; My thoughts
@MrBiggie’s Zegist Family
@evansakanno’s Godly thoughts
@onaopemipo’s Now That You’re A Graduate, What Next?

So, our top 3 authors for July are

@theimisioluwa - ₦10,000

@queennette - ₦7,000

@MrBiggie - ₦3,000

Congratulations guys!


Top Influencers

The reward for Top Influencer is granted to our top three members that refer people to Zegist by sharing our content across various social media platforms. All you have to do is click the link icon (beside the love icon) on a post or the share icon(s) for the full story.

Our top influencers this past month were.

@DesignFreak who shared 1 topic and got 225 clicks
@Youralibi1 who shared 89 topics and got 220 clicks
@The_kiisi who shared 1 topic and got 214 clicks
@Khadijah who shared 1 topic and got 180 clicks
@Zegist who shared 5 topics and got 123 clicks
@Oluwarufus who shared 98 topics and got 20 clicks
@Adeyinka who shared 1 topic and got 98 clicks
@Mira who shared 24 topics and got 78 clicks
@evansakanno who shared 31 topics and got 77 clicks
@otumininu who shared 17 topics and got 28 clicks

Top 3 Influencers are:

@DesignFreak - ₦10,000

@Youralibi1 - ₦7,000

@The_kiisi - ₦3,000

Congratulations guys!


@theimisioluwa @Queennette @MrBiggie @DesignFreak @The_kiisi

Congratulations again! Please send your account numbers to me via DM.



Why does this remind me of Peter O’Toole on Oscars with — 8 nominations and NO WIN. :pensive:


Sorry bro. You can double your efforts this month and chop the money.


Thank you @Zegist

Will do so ASAP :sunglasses:


lol… You are a clown


Congrats @theimisioluwa @Queennette @MrBiggie @DesignFreak @Youralibi1 @The_kiisi!




Please check your dm. Thanks


See how you people are sharing money here and i’m dulling…:roll_eyes:
Congrats @theimisioluwa @Queennette @MrBiggie @DesignFreak @The_kiisi


Lol… This month, you’d get yours, just post one bomb content.


Thank you so much. You commented, I guess you brought the Goodluck. Abeg, make you dey read am dey go. Loool