Top Authors & Influencers - April 2018


Hello @zegisters :blush:

It’s the end of another month and we’re happy to announce the results of the rewards for April 2018.

Top Influencers

This is granted to our top three members that refer people to Zegist by sharing content via social media or email.

The results of the Top Influencers this month shows that the ginger is already dropping. This month wasn’t as competitive as last month. What’s happening?

@Youralibi1 was on steroids this month with 1.2k clicks
@evansakanno with 771 clicks
@Mira with 338 clicks
@Funsho with 272 clicks
@Otumininu with 243 clicks
@Oluwarufus with 230 clicks
@habeebsanni with 33 clicks
Shalla to the new kids here @lifeofesse with 86 clicks
@Ademola_Ajijola with 39 clicks
@Judy baby with 36

Top 3 Influencers are:

@Youralibi1 - ₦10,000

@Mira - ₦7,000

@Funsho - ₦3,000

Congratulations guys!


Top Authors

This reward is granted to three members that create the most engaging stories for the month. This is automatically calculated based on a high amount of likes, replies and views on a topic.
@Yeye - Cregital at 3 :tada:
@evansakanno - Well-Laid Plans
@Ms_aijohi - Let’s See You in Makeup
@Ms_aijohi - Extinguished
@NaijaLander - Alright Let Us Make Fun of Evans Akanno
@Legacy27 - On Saggy Boobs and Vaginas
@Mira - Friendship Appreciate Tag
@debpoppy - Guess Who Travelled To Lagos For A Selfie
@ogochukwu - Body Shaming; It’s Not Your Duty To Like Me
@Aje - Body Shaming Is A Matter Of Perspective

I wouldn’t be receiving the reward because the Cregital at 3 post was an announcement for the invitation to Cregital’s 3rd anniversary.

Therefore, the top 3 Authors are:

@Ms_aijohi - ₦10,000

@Ms_aijohi - ₦7,000

@NaijaLander - ₦3,000

Congratulations :confetti_ball:


Ewo!!! :ok_woman:t5: I don dey enter list :grinning:


This is wonderful!!! goodjob zegis for keeping your promise!!!

Setting the pace…


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I see my name…


Congratulations guys!!!

@judy has left me o :joy:


@Ms_aijohi won… :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: We are 17k richer…
Just called her and she has no data to log in to zegist…so I told her I’ll drop her account details here…
Otu Faith Aijohi
Cc: @Yeye @Mira


@Ms_aijohi you’re here… I think you’re meant to DM them…

@Yeye and @Mira biko direct the winner on what next to do…:scream_cat:


Thanks a lot Precious! She is supposed to dm her account details to @evansakanno.


Wow @pretyprexy thanks for your help. Today is indeed a blessed day. Story for another day please, I’m feel alright now


Thanks love


Can I send in my account number ?




Noted :roll_eyes:


My dear, this is a month of assurance oh :joy:




Congratulations @Mira @NaijaLander @Ms_aijohi @Youralibi1


Thank you :blush:



Received. Thank you.


Received. Thank you.