Top Authors & Influencers - August 2018


Hey there @Zegisters, it’s our favorite time of the month again - time to announce those who won cash prizes for creating the most engaging content for the month of August. This reward is granted to the top three members that create the most engaging stories for the month. This is automatically calculated based on a high amount of likes, replies and views on a topic. Here are the top 10 current top stories for the month of August in ascending order.

@Aje’s The Tea Effect
@Sunky97’s Police Officer Gets Promoted For Breastfeeding Abandoned Baby
@theimisioluwa’s Sleeping in Church, my solution
@theimisioluwa’s Gone Are The Days When Love Was Simple
@theunofficialomotayo’s Waterfalls Alert! Be careful when opening
@Patrickudo2004’s The art of depression
@Ibejih’s Let’s make Zegist better
@Komolafe_Daniel’s Everyone Can Now Get Verified On Instagram (See How With Screenshots)
@Morris’s I am (Poetry)
@Francis_Odeyemi’s Letter to my teammates

So, our top 3 authors for August are
@Aje - ₦10,000
@Sunky97 - ₦7,000
@theimisioluwa - ₦3,000

Congratulations guys!



Thanks Yo!! Is there a place where we dedicate the awards? I dedicate this to all my fans and well wishers and my…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


@aje and @Sunky97 please send your account numbers.


Come and settle us bros


as soon as it comes in, we shall gladly redistribute



Thank you @ Dapomola for choosing me among top influencers of the month.


Thank you bro. Happy to have you here and contributing.


Congrats @Aje @Sunky97 @theimisioluwa


Thanks sis.


My pleasure


Awwwwwwn. (Covers face).
Thank you all for the privilege to share my thoughts, and the interactions.


Thank you


@Aje guy how far now? It haf tey ooo… Let’s celebrate na :wink::wink:


The Party is happening soon!! :grin: We are awaiting the accreditation of our bank courses :joy::joy:


Congratulations to you all…:clinking_glasses:


Meanwhile, I don get alert, Godwin!! :rofl::rofl::rofl: Many Thanks to the Accountant General of the republic of Zegist, the Boards of Directors and My fellow “Koleaguwes”. The Party starts in a bit. Meanwhile, I’ll send airtime to the first two persons that tell us when Grand ma Cregital and Zegist were founded!.. @Judy @W.O @everybody


Cregital --> April 2015 i think. Zegist can’t remember


:sunglasses::sunglasses: Cool. Let me send you airtime sir.
I won’t mind your number . Thanks


08168483478… ese gan


Seen bro. I appreciate