Top Authors & Influencers - May 2018


Hello @zegisters :blush:

Welcome to June! We’re happy to announce the results of the rewards for May 2018.

Top Influencers

The reward for Top Influencer is granted to our top three members that refer people to zegist by sharing our content on facebook, twitter, whastapp or email. All you have to do is click the link icon (beside the love icon) on a post or the share icon(s) for the full story. Our top influencers this month were.

@Mira shared 96 topics and got 721 clicks
@Youralibi1 shared 82 topics with 525 clicks
@Wealth_King shared 5 topics with 246 clicks
@evansakanno shared 36 topics with 170 clicks
@Otumininu shared 12 topics with 103 clicks
@Oluwarufus shared 23 topics with 95 clicks
@pretyprexy shared 23 topics with 40 clicks
@agbalumo shared 3 topics with 33 clicks
@Kontender shared 5 topics with 33 clicks
@fola shared 9 topics with 20 clicks

Top 3 Influencers are:

@Mira - ₦10,000

@Youralibi1 - ₦7,000

@Wealth_King - ₦3,000

Congratulations guys!


Top Authors

This reward is granted to three members that create the most engaging stories for the month. This is automatically calculated based on a high amount of likes, replies and views on a topic. Here are the top 10 current top stories for the month of May in ascending order.

@Deji - Google Africa Challenge Scholarship
@Otumininu - Men are Scum or Not
@Mira - What items do you find embarrassing to buy
@Mira - What does a man love more?
@Mopelola_Ariyo - Is Silent Treatment effective in a Relationship / Marriage?
@2496c2c33a9b7482f4aa - Fear of believing in commitment again
@lifeofesse - Why do ladies find it hard to leave abusive relationships, but find it easy to leave broke men?
@Otumininu - The Royal wedding
@Komolafe_Daniel - [Video] Davido - Assurance
@Angie - When you have the opposite sex as a ” bestie”, where do you draw the line in your friendship when you get your significant other?

Therefore, the top 3 Authors are:

@Deji - ₦10,000

@Otumininu - ₦7,000

@Mira - ₦3,000

Congratulations guys!

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Hello @Mira @Youralibi1 @Wealth_King @Deji @Otumininu ,

I’m @Dapomola, Growth Hacker at Cregital and a new Zegist admin.

Congratulations on being the top three influencers and authors for the month of May.

Please send me your account numbers via DM so payment can be made.



Oga Ooooo @mira & co congratulations o. Hard work actually pays. Keep up the good work guys. More grace


congratulations to all the winners.


Haaa @Mira You’re everywhere. Congratulations to you babe.


Thanks @Otseluv and @Zinny.


Thanks @evansakanno Thanks Zegist :heart:


Thanks @evansakanno @Dapomola and Zegist.

Please, who am I sending my account details to?


Send to @Dapomola


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Congratulations guys


Congratulations fam!!


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Received. Thank you


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