Top Influencers & Authors - March 2018

Hello everyone! Its awesome that we have seen the end of the month of March. We are so excited to announce the winners of the Zegist rewards for March 2018 :clap:t5:

Top Influencers

The reward for Top Influencer is granted to our top three members that refer people to zegist by sharing our content on facebook, twitter, whastapp or email. All you have to do is click the link icon (beside the love icon) on a post or the share icon(s) for the full story. Our top three influencers this month were;

@Shona shared 14 topics with 232 clicks
@ogeh47 shared 4 topics with 232 clicks
@afolabiabass shared 15 topics with 300 clicks
@habeebsanni shared 14 topics with 346 clicks
@NaijaLander shared 34 topics with 409 clicks
@Oluwarufus shared 24 topics with 772 clicks
@Otumininu shared 140 topics with 1104 clicks
@Mira shared 91 topics with 1241 clicks
@Youralibi1 shared 89 topics with 2217 clicks
@evansakanno shared 49 topics with 2232 clicks

@evansakanno has made clear that he is exempted from the rewards program but its open for everyone else on zegist.

So our top 3 Influencers are:

@Youralibi1 - N10,000

@Mira - N7,000

@Otumininu - N3,000

Congratulations ladies :rose: Special shoutout to our other influencers @Oluwarufus @NaijaLander @habeebsanni @afolabiabass @ogeh47 and @Shona! We really appreciate your efforts sharing our Zegist stories.


Top Authors

This reward is granted to three members that create the most engaging stories for the month. This is automatically calculated based on a high amount of likes, replies and views on a topic. Here are the top 10 current top stories for this month in ascending order.

@Judy - What’s on your mind right now? 10th
@Chum_Sky - Roommate wahala 2 9th
@Yeye - Dear Paedestrians: Death by Headphones! 8th
@Drew - The epistle of the table shakers 7th
@atynukeh - Child birth through c-section 6th
@theunofficialomotayo - Morning Devotion 5th
@Mira - It’s too early to give up - Please don’t commit suicide 4th
@Mira - 10 important life lessons 3rd
@Mira - Advertise your brand 2nd
@evansakanno - Dear Employee, Think Like An Owner 1st.

So our top 3 authors are:

@Mira - N10,000

@Mira - N7,000

@Mira - N3,000

Congratulations @Mira and everyone that contributed lovely stories this month. According to @opisthocranium Zegist is a great community that touches all aspects of life through her threads and discussions which continues to educate the public and also foster interpersonal relationships. We are glad to have new stories touching different categories.

Just in case someone chooses to shake this table about rewarding one person for the three prizes, we are many standing on it. The election was held and people voted


Congrats @Mira. I think I’m single and ready to mingle right now :sweat_smile::sunglasses:


Let your girlfriend see this… :joy::joy::joy:

Thanks Habeeb


Thanks @evansakanno @yeye. Congratulations to everyone on the top influencers & Authors board.

And to @everybody, Keep pushing, it could be you next month. All the best from me as always. Be like @Youralibi1 & @Otumininu, don’t stop sharing. Happy new month family.

@Youralibi1 & @Otumininu, I hail. Una too much. I’m still wondering how you do it o


I’m really excited about the adoption rate of our rewards program.

You know, by rewarding people who write stories and articles, and helping them to see what engages people online, it helps them to become better content writers.

The Influencers too has a really important marketing lesson. I spoke to @Youralibi1 and she mentioned about sharing relevant content to the relevant channels. This means that the business stories here are best shared on LinkedIn, relationships, family, lifestyle, news on Facebook, Twitter etc. For me, I even share my links on articles I have written on Linkedin and Medium.

These lessons learned are skills required for the marketing and growth hacking roles of today and we are helping people learn them in a fun way with the rewards.

When the depressed person searches for answers on Google… We will be there!
When the unemployed person is seeking for advice on his career move… We will be there!!
When the sexually addicted person is looking to get help anonymously… We will be there !!!

All the winners please DM in your account details, please share screenshot proof here that rewards were received so we can ensure transparency.

Thanks @zegisters and Happy Easter celebration!


Congratulations Sissy!!! Plus a Super Duper Easter/April to everyone too!


Happy Easter dear. Have a good one!


Thanks sissy. Excel gracefully and greatly this new month. Happy Easter.


@Mira Na only u waka come?:ok_man:


@Mira congratulations.

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Thanks dear.

Ah ! :ok_woman:t4: @Mira congratulations

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Thanks @evansakanno and @yeye. Congratulations to everyone on the leader board.

Good job @mira!
Let’s keep sharing and posting guys.

This goes way beyond the winnings, we get to grow ourselves, engage in meaningful activities online, we also get to earn a part in building a platform that reaches out to a lot of people amongst other things.

We are all ambassadors, let’s grow the family together.

Have a wonderful Easter celebration and a blessed month guys!


Well, you’re still the mama. The scope is to match the content to be shared to sources that consume/appreciate such contents.
Throw grains to birds and meat to dogs and you have your goals met.


Congratulations @Youralibi1 @Mira @Otumininu


Thank you.

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Thanks @evansakanno @Yeye Congratulations @Youralibi1 @Mira


Thanks dear


Thanks dear.

Thanks @Chum_Sky