Top Influencers - Feb 2018


Congratulations once again to @Mira for being the top referrer on Zegist in February.

Thank you for helping us reach more people by sharing our stories on social media. You’ve won N5,000 for yourself again. We already have your account details :grin:

We see you @Otumininu @Aje and @Youralibi1. Well done guys :clap:t5:
Thanks for sharing posts to your social media accounts.

Zegist Rewards

:blush::blush: Thanks!


Congratulations @Mira


Thanks sis.


Mira Mira!!! Congratulations girl :hugs:


Congratulations @Mira


Congratulations Sissy! @mira


Mira for president. Come and teach me naaa, i want to win the 5k tooooo…loll

Well done babes.


Mira ooooo!!! Congratulations Again! Weldone…@mira

By the way you can come and sign up for that class it is 5k per hour :joy::joy::joy::joy:


5k per hour? This is public betrayal o :joy::joy::joy:

We didn’t agree on that o, sis


Thanks @Judy @Kachie @Adetokunle @atynukeh @Drew.

I love you too! :blush::wink:


@mira ozokwa… Congrats dear but see am going to give a good run for it this month…congratulations


Congrats @Mira


Nnukwu ozokwa oo :joy::joy::joy: @Mira abago one chance na nke this month :joy::joy:


Lol… Biko o, Dikachi na @Echelon, oya bido zisawa ozioma @Zegist ka ego a buru nke unu.

Echelon, if you don’t understand what I wrote, @Kachie can translate it.




Ujo abiala gi? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Congratulations @mira. You’ll do More this month.


Lolz Mira anaghị atụ egwu, enwere m mmụọ nsọ si n’aka gị


Amen. Thanks dear. :wink: