Top Influencers - Jan 2018


We are challenged baby!!


Who should I start thanking?

It was my plan to disappear from this thread, to be frank. @pretyprexy just dey ginger me make I no run like say she be my mama. I officially motherzone you! :grinning::grin:

I’m really not so good with people cheering me so much, I could actually fall sick from that :joy::joy::joy: (just for that moment though…) Not like a serious sickness o, but I’m learning not to run away from cheers. Thanks my sweet Zegisters… I love you! :heart_eyes:

@evansakanno, may God’s blessings never elude you. May He favour you beyond your expectations. Nations shall call you blessed because you are a global influence.

Thanks a lot, I appreciate.


Congratulations it’s a miracle working God @Mira


Thanks Muyi :smile:


Amen, amen


Mira Mira…congrats dear. I want to be like you when I grow up. lol. Cheers🥂 dearest!


Aww… Congratulations Sisi! @Mira


Thanks sweethearts @Kachie and @Peacehoney


Congratulations @Mira