Torgist (The new forum)

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Torgist Forum

I was amazed at what I just saw some few minutes ago. A forum called Torgist gat my attention. A group of 3 teenagers all at the age of 18 created a forum of their own and I’m so impressed at this. The design was nice that I was speechless at the moment. This shows how hard-working our young Nigeria programmers are and how they are trying to make the society and the world at large a better one. You should really see for yourself.

Let’s show our support for these ones by sharing our stories just the way we share on Zegist to prove that their efforts are not worthless.

Thanks guys.!


I just checked out the forum wow am amazed I really want to know the guys that built it you guys should check it out too I hope it becomes lively and interactive because its already cool for now