Hello everyone, I’m 230 lbs and I would like to lose weight, what kind of training I have to pick? By the way, is it good to use some kind of pharma support like proteins, creatine, maybe even steroids? What’s your experience about weight loss? Share opinions :slight_smile:


Do you want to hurt yourself? Don’t use steroids! Protein and creatin you can use, but with pauses. By the way, creating helps you to gain weight not to lose it!
If you want to lose weight it’s better to search for additional info in the articles in the Internet


First of all you have to understand that the success of weight loss is in the fact that you have to follow the diet and train your body regularly. By the way, you have to keep the calories deficit to lose weight, but don’t make it sharply - you have to low the consumption of calories gradually. Ugh, if someone told me that when I only started training… 2 years ago I started improving my health by going in for sport, as I weighed about 280 lbs, that’s why I searched for info in the internet, but the most valuable info I found here, and the tips I told you now is copy of the advises I read in that article, by the way, there you can also find a lot of information about training and sport.