Trending... Eat a meal with just #10 for new users

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Do you know you can order for your “favourite food” :hamburger::curry::stew::icecream::tropical_drink:from the best restaurants in your vicinity at an affordable and discounted rate and delivered free of charge (Lagos residence only)- this can only be made possible when you order through Ofood. Ofood is a recently launched firm by Opera the owner of Oride and Opay, Obus, Okwash etc.

:point_right:Now, for the first users, you can order for food that worth #500 for just :ok_hand: #10 and have a #200 discount for subsequence users. For :stew::icecream:worth than that you can have discount up to​:+1: #800 - Do you think this is impossible.
Seeing is believing - launch your Opay App for an existing clients, click on Ofood, at the down-right corner, you will see profile , click on it and go to activation code and add this code 9095990321 - then you’re good to go.

For new clients, go to google play store and download the app, install and sign up using code 46FIN1T to start enjoying services like bill payments, order for food, money transfer, investment and loans, and hail a ride and go to add money at the top right corner, load the app with any amount starting from #10 (just for trial if you’re doubting, you can with #10), once it’s added you will see the total balance at the top of the app, then go to Ofood , click on profile at the bottom right you will see activation / invitation code and activate the code with 9095990321. Start ordering while the offer last. You can tell your loved ones to tell their friends, they will forever love you for it!