Tribute to the mad woman

Living in Nigeria would definitely imprint in your subconscious that “Craze no be Insanity”. And as they say, “To mad na small thing, Na the waka be the wahala”(To be mad is not the problem, it’s the walking that is). Driving through traffic can at times be a source of inspiration but that doesn’t mean I love traffic. Lol, I actually do. Without boring you I did see a Mad woman and my pen talks from here.

You ask -Who a mad woman is?
She’s someone’s daughter -Obviously
A mother to somebody
Another’s missing rib
a sweetheart to your brother
a God’s splitting image
Serving His purpose alone
or the machinations of the evil twin in us

Majorly, That mad woman
is someone who has lost the way home to her senses
one who is not at home in her mind
A seer of things that be
an evidence of the strength of the body
a reason why you should be grateful
She has no dreams nor a hope of a future

That Mad woman
That Mad woman is who you cannot be
She’s the missing piece that balances this world
the threshold between sanity and the ephemeral life

© Aje 2017


What’s up @Aje did u win the contest?

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Qualified to the Third stage… Will need your support to move to the next stage… The third poem is still under that post. You could help me love it again.


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