Tyler Perry's Acrimony Movie Review


Tyler Perry’s Acrimony is a 2018 American psychological thriller about a loyal wife who decides to take revenge on her unfaithful husband.

Melinda (Taraji P. Henson) inherits a home and money from her deceased mother. She simultaneously meets Robert Gayle (Lyriq Bent), a fellow college student who lives in an RV - more like these bus houses. The two begin a relationship, Melinda later catches Robert cheating. She responds by driving her car into Robert’s RV, although she sustains injuries that prevent her from having children. Robert apologizes for the affair after Melinda gets out of the hospital and even convinces her to marry him. Rather than support her, however, he devotes all his time to his invention, forcing Melinda to work two jobs to keep them afloat.


Acrimony /akrɪməni/

bitterness or ill feeling.

Synonyms: bitterness, rancour, resentment, ill feeling, ill will, bad blood, animosity, hostility, enmity, antagonism, irascibility, waspishness, spleen; malice, spitefulness, crabbedness, causticity, sarcasm, venom, poison, viciousness, nastiness, harshness, sharpness, acerbity, virulence, astringency; grudge, grievance
“the meeting ended with acrimony on both sides”


Here is the trailer


Guys, I saw the Acrimony movie yesterday and it was so awesome. It has different angles to relationships, family, perseverance and endurance too. I think we should all see it together. Let’s choose a date and cinema location and lets do this and come back to this thread to discuss the movie.

  • Yes oh, I’m interested in seeing this with other Zegisters
  • Abeg, I’m not interested, I like to watch film alone.

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Unku Evans, this your poll is funny. But you should have added a third option to the poll…
Abeg no be acrimony dey do me :joy::joy::joy:

I had the idea of our next hangout being a movie we would all see together, but at the upper room…more like Netflix and chill at our liru cinema…


You know when someone says “anything you touch is epic” well that is Tyler Perry for you.
So honku where and when do you suggest.
Quick oh, I kant wait to meet y’all.
My body is doing me somehow as I am typing.


Awwn! I like that you feel at home in the office :blush:

Cinema or upper room, anyone goes. I don’t even mind the choice of movie too. Let’s just hang out and “hookup” since quite a number of people are growing to be into each other :grin:


Okay, upper room cinema is okay.

I am thinking a weekend in April


I suggest that we should meet in the middle of lagos, so those mainland and island people find it easy.


@zegisters stroll in here.
A pending hangout awaits you(us).


Me either…I don’t at all. We would all sit on the floor and just relax.

You know it always feels homely hanging out with you guys. I just hope people like @NaijaLander @Drew and this her new crush @lifeofesse turns up.


The trailer is splendorous :raised_hands:, Oyinbo people can do trailer, Damn!


I hope so too o, especially @NaijaLander :smile:


What about those of us that have watched it nkor? and Please dont suggest Pacific Rim, Red Sparrow, etc …watched all




your name suits you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Once again, I shall miss this hangout. Please bring back pictures for the fam.


Ah :fearful: issokay :clap:


I can tell that you’re pronouncing it the wrong way :smile:

My own Yeye means Queen/Mother :crown:


My brother my brother. It’s not like that oh.
It was a friendly hangout with a friend oh. And I didn’t choose Gringo cos we have a deal on that one.