Tyler Perry's Acrimony Movie Review




Was gonna ask. So which are we seeing? Avengers or Acrimony or Both???


Lol. Okay.


In Yoruba, translated to mean 'O fé kógbó sí mi lérù abi?'

Don’t thank me, I like helping out :yum:








I watched it this night.
It wasn’t a waste of my time and money. Learnt A WHOLE LOT. 'Can’t say the same about Black Panther which was a total waste of irrecoverable 2 hours of my time…maybe not my money but definitely my time.


I have to see this then :popcorn:
Thanks @Kiitan


I’m not sure how you underrated Black Panther tho. Should be your preference


Please who else has seen it… I would like to discuss somethings I am not understanding…

Care to share your lessons?




:joy::joy::joy::joy: Please what kind of D was he giving her that made her spend OVER 1MILLION dollars her mother left her on him when he had nothing… and she still stayed back for over 18years

And again why will a man give a whoooooopppppppping sum of $10MILLION , get her her house back and she still decided to go all out crazyy…

Why is it that women always have to go to the EXTREME!! with their emotions, cause damage before they finally calm down?

IS LOVE really a good spirit? Cos when it turns all out bad it brings out the worst in people.


One of a kind :joy::joy:

He’s a good man. He knew what she went through to make things okay for him, he knew what the house meant to her and her family. He loved her dearly and would do anything for her.

She has issues…she felt she deserved more and all. She was with him when be had nothing and was nothing so she should be with him when he was finally somebody.

The women that do this don’t have sense


TRUE! Even the judge said it was the best offer anyone could ever give.

Not necessarily. I would like to think LOVE messes up the BEST of us. We do the stupidest things when we are in LOVE and the Most insane things when it goes bad…

After seeing the movie, I kinda made a case for CEEC … I think women handle things differently when LOVE doesn’t go their way. BITTERNESS takes over most times, depending on what “she” has sacrificed to KEEP him or how badly it will tarnish her EGO.


Those that want to be messed up oh


In the matters of the heart, nobody knows it ALL. People make a lot of mistakes cos they are not even thinking straight in the first place.


At this rate my yearly budget will include - Saving money for visa , Ticket and enjoyment with fellow Zegisters …

  1. In a time of anger NEVER act out your thoughts…'cos you could hurt others and yourself in the process. You might not be able to control your thoughts but you can very well control your actions.
  2. Patience (extreme patience in this case) pays. If only she had waited just a lil longer…
  3. Even ‘bad’ people could get really blessed and you’d wonder why
  4. Just 'cos you helped someone in their time of need doesn’t necessarily mean you’re entitled to any part of their earnings, and if they decide to appreciate you when things get better for them, you can accept or not accept…having a strong sense of entitlement to the extent of hatred can sometimes be destructive.
  5. When you fall in love, please ensure that from time to time the reasoning part of your brain is still functional.
  6. Tyler Perry never disappoints :grin:


Yeah, It does.
But on the flip side, the “battery” deal might have never worked if he was still with her … The babe went the extra mile cos she knew she could have him to HERSELF

Yeah True. But I feel SOMETIMES money can’t pay up for years wasted. Her craziness was a build up of frustration.

:joy::joy::joy::joy: He never does , my sister…