Tyler Perry's Acrimony Movie Review




What if men said; “she’s a woman, she’ll figure it out, she’ll look for a way to move around”


I hate how these discussion become 1 sided.

Anyway, not my circus, not my freak.


Go straight to the point, e wo ni gbogbo initial senrenre yarns. Whatever rocks her boat sha


Smh… It’s her Vlog she cant go straight to the point nah… she has to talk about herself…


She has some valid points though. But I wouldn’t call all men selfish because of one movie.
I’d say all men are naturally focused like a post I made sometimes back.
The average girl child was raised to please a man, no matter the degree or level of intelligence she has…she was raised and groomed for a man.
But men were raised to be self sufficient, to feel like they can rule the world and women, especially when they have lots of money. So all they care about is to make money and more money.
Thankfully we have women breaking the status quo and making us realise that a woman can slay in her career and in her choice of marriage with the right man by her side without being distracted.