UEFA Champions & Europa League: 2017/18 As it unfolds


With the final matches of the group stage to be played today before the draw, tentions are already getting high as to who would meet who in the knock-out stages. Here are the results from yesterdays games…

CL Results

For those that watched the games last night, any comment?

  • Being a Manchester Fan, I was more than impressed with their performance yesterday. Incredible comeback…

  • Chelsea had a compact game and came away with a well-deserved draw against Atletico Madrid

  • Celtic were far from impressive. Not surprised that they are not progressing at all.

Generally, last nights game went well… There were no shockers or unusual deciding moments. Looking forward to today’s games and the draw on Friday.


Up Gunners!!!


Thanks for the suggestion… It would cover both Champions league and Europa League…


Manchester United made me proud to be a Man U fan, but Bayern Munchen eh, them dey vex seriously!!!


My brother i am not surprised at all. They rehired their old coach, Jupp Heynckes and ever since then they have been playing well. PSG on the other hand lost to a newly promoted club in the league at the weekend and lost again to Bayern.



CL Today's Games

Let’s have your thoughts


Na to tell PSG say its not by spending millions to buy players, but na for the players to step up their game and show the world why they are worth dat much.


Where are the Barcelona, Chelsea and Real Madrid Fans in the house? Come and defend your teams performance


Amazing football from Liverpool… Man-city SHOCKER… The results from the last group stage of the UCL

UCL Results

Some have said that Real Madrid are no longer the favourites to win UCL. Which team(s) are favourites to win this UCL and why you think so?


Everton seems to have taken a new shape with the appointment of Sam Allardyce even though he missed the game due to a long-standing medical appointment.

Arsenal Impresses after losing last weekend…

Results from yesterday’s Europa League. Let’s know your thoughts


UEFA Round Of 16 Draw…

I am already looking foward to the round of 16 already… My predictions are coming soon. What Pls give your opinions, predictions and comments.


What a perfect semi finals draw, just the way I wanted it to unfold.

Champions League Semi-final 1

Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid

Champions League semi-final 2

Liverpool vs Roma

Who else is happy with the draw? :grinning:


This is survival of the fittest. Makes loads of sense. Looking forward to the outcome


It is Indeed, I’m anticipating a Real Madrid vs Liverpool final.


Likewise. I believe that it is well organised by uefa. Something properly organized. We’ll see soon.