Understanding the Fulani Herdsmen Wahala in 24 Slides















May the souls lost rest in perfect Peace.


Cc @Valkyr


may their souls rest in peace, something should be done asap to resolve this matter, it’s just too sad that people are left with no choice but to defend themselves from the hands of these herdsmen.


they are so confident. Although this attack was in response to an attack on them in Adamawa State, they usually go too far, these Fulani guys are capable of genocide I tell you.


this is a more reason we need an urgent measure to curtail their activities before it gets out of hand. I wonder why the govt is yet to make any move on this matter.


well Fulanis run the top echelon of Nigeria’s govt agency. Most of these aristocrats own herds, we may have to go to war to deal with the issue. The best option is not compete with them economically, boycott their stupid meat, may be we should start buying cows ourselves.