UNILAG student got rusticated for twerking to former VC's statue


A student of University of Lagos (UNILAG) who shared a video of herself twerking to the statue of former UNILAG VC, Professor Tunde Sofoluwe has been allegedly rusticated for four semesters. Read more

Now my question is, is anything wrong in what the lady did? Do you think the punishment is too harsh or not. Waiting for your opinion. @Lola @pretyprexy @Pullen @Kachie @evansakanno @Eva @Aje


why na, is it their twerking? in nigeria the house of senate members will be passing yeye bills on rights and will the masses will be doing our own. she twerked to a freaking statue


i wish i was a girl (no dis respect to Bobrisky) i for go #Twerk to the 3 statues at Yanaworo!!!


Heard she is a 500lvl Law student that was over joyous after her final papers…

So I really don’t know where that 4 semesters will start counting ? maybe they will rewind her uni years? Or delay her law school?


No wonder education system is failing. This is to show how “educated” the School council is… How does this warrant a rustication? Me i was here to see the twerking… and what did I see? I saw nothing!!:roll_eyes:


fucking Nigerians :expressionless:


Very rubbish decision… How is this affecting them?




Baba… Nigerians will add respect to everything. The girl was satisfying baba on another level but she did it standing. Its a disrespectful suntin. She should have knelt down.


This one… You want to die by hanging abi?


Haaa I try to kip my mind clean but Bro u not helping ooo


Hehehehehehehe :rofl: :joy: :joy:
This is a case of ‘o ti gba penalty wo throwing’. The babe even do the one corner dance for the baba. She deserves to join the school’s dance troop.
Jokes apart, the only thing wey remain na to build shrine put for the statue’s leg and be putting palm oil every morning. They obviously don’t have many issues on their hands in their school’s senate. That’s why they can rusticate the young lady for this.


What happened to freedom of expression.

Moral police everywhere :man_pilot:t6::woman_pilot:t6::policeman:t6::policeman:t6::policeman:t6::policeman:t6::policewoman:t6::policewoman:t6::policewoman:t6::policewoman:t6::policewoman:t6:


I tell you.

Although the man Prof. Sofoluwe appears to have a personality cult in UNILAG’s faculty so I’m not surprised at all.


Rusticating a student over such stuff is troubling. The poor girl should have been a mini star instead of being punished.


Nigerian === Puritan


Education system in Nigeria is shit.