Some while ago, we wrote some few lines and I was thinking what if we made a game form it. We build the storyline together and flame our imaginations. Each user is allowed to create a maximum of two characters. Make sure your conversation tallies with the growing story. Introduction of character will be done like this { Jae: Mid-twenties chap , dark and naughty. Mama: _Jae’s mother who can’t wait to see her grandkids, _.} The story has no title, we will go with the flow and see where it leads us. @mira @pretyprexy come and call everyone oo

(Jae is making a call in his room and his mom is eavesdropping in the corner)
Jae: Ok… 10am is fine by me! … Oh, It’s actually going to be my first time with a psychologist. (Long pause)Thank you…
(Mama burst into his room)
Mama: Jae who were you talking too?
Jae: Ahn Ahn!! Mama, you can’t burst into my room without knocking naa
Mama: As long as you have refused to move out of this house and marry, I will do as I like, moreover… (Jae cuts in)
Jae: This is my Father’s House
Mama: And this is my Husband’s house… (pauses) I heard you say something about seeing a Psychiatrist…
Jae: :joy::joy: Mama oo, You wee not kill me o. I said Psychologist oo
Mama: Psychologist and Psychiatrist are the same o, they treat mad people. (Mama burst into tears and prayers). You wee not run mad, every spirit of madness …
(Jae walks out knowing fully that it’s fool-hardy to explain to her, meanwhile he is thinking of how to talk to the lady he met…)


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Jae: (dialing Kitty’s number and he is so nervous then a female voice broke the silence)
Kitty: Hello, good morning. May I know who is calling?


Jae: erhm, Hi, Good Morning!! Its… Sorry, I am Jae. The guy you gave your number too in the BRT.
Kitty: Oh!! Jae, Thought you wouldn’t call. How are you?
Jae: I’m better now, Almost peed my pants calling you (Kitty chuckles like a baby given a chocolate treat.)
Kitty: Stop corrupting my imaginations please, you did enough in the bus yesterday. Sorry, now is not a good time to talk, my boss is almost here. Call me around six.
Jae: Six packs, I have not but six pm, I will call… Have a beautiful day Kitty
Kitty: You are hilarious, i intend to have one… Stay good. (Line drops and Jae is seen doing the shaku-shaku dance. Another fish to the slaughter)


Jae: (was seen roaming about in the room and checking his cell phone every minute to see if he could call her again)
Kitty: Though busy at work but had her mind ruminating on things to talk about with Jae


It’s 7pm, Jae is still at work. The UAG meeting had taken too long given the complication at hand though Jae has daydreamed about Kitty for the most part of it.

Jae: Yes, we delivered the goods last evening as I’ve stated earlier, a report has also been filed as regards the missing consignment he said in a deadpan voice.

I’m done with my report. Please, can I step out for a moment?

(Others nodded tiredly while Jesse his buddy at work answered impatiently, preparing to go home)

Jesse: Yes, you can, but please make it back in on time to finalize and forward a copy of the report to the MD. You know this is urgent.

Jae: I know. (he murmured)

(Walking past his colleagues as he made for the rest room, sighing and thinking of what to tell Kitty.)


(Jae is all alone in Toilet number 4. He takes a long deep pause, looks at the screen of his cellphone, scrolls down to Kitty’s ID, takes another pause and dials her number)

Jae: Pick up Kitty, pick up, pic…

Kitty’s husky voice cuts through his loud thinking.

Kitty: Hey there Mr Six Packs, you called right on time.

Jae: (Grinning from ear to ear) I know right. Trust you can trust me now?

Kitty: Err, we’ll see about that

Jae: Yeah (his palm gets sweaty) H- how was work today? (He asked trying to keep a calm voice)

Kitty launches into the full gist of how her crazy day at work went.

Jae’s mind wanders, taking him back to his last night with Amaka at the Elgushi Beach. It was a cool evening in September 2015. An evening he’d never forget in a hurry. He needed to gain Kitty’s trust really quick or God knows the mystery of his first girlfriend’s death would remain forever unsolved.

Kitty: Hello Jae? H- Hello? You there…?


jae: yes I am here. I lost you there for a min

kitty: don’t say it is the network because I could hear you breathing.

jae; no it’s not. I was just thinking how to tell you that I am running late and I might eventually not make it this evening and still manage to keep up a good impression. I did not think I am still going to be at work at this time.

kitty; [sigh] its ok. I would take a rain check [chuckles softly]

Jae; (sighed with relief) you are such a dearie. I promise I would make it up to you

kitty: its ok you don’t have to keep making promises.

somebody flushed the toilet at the other stall. jae quickly held the mouthpiece of his phone to muffle the sound but he was a tad bit late.

kitty: …are you calling me from the loo? which one are you doing number one or number two?

before Jae could respond Jesse called out loudly to him.

jesse: Jae, MD don come o and he is already asking for the report.

jae: kitty I have to go. I would call you later.

jae did not hear her response but hung up quickly and came out of toilet number 4.


As Jae strolls to the washer to clean up and wash his hands, his mind wanders towards Amaka again and all the events that happened on the last days before she passed away.
He had a sudden flash back of Amaka’s beautiful smile as she looked into his eyes on that fateful day. It was on her birthday and they had decided to go to the beach because it was the most peaceful place to be after all the hustlings and bustlings of the week.
She wasn’t really the party kind of girl so he thought that spending the evening together in her favorite place was the best time to remind her of how much he loved her and how he couldn’t wait to hit his targets at work, get that big promotion, and get a bigger apartment so that he could finally ask her to marry him.
He thought of her soft and luscious lips and how they always made him weak in the knees, he remembered that night just like it was yesterday…

“Oh Amaka!! Amaka!! I miss you, how do I move on without you? I’m trying so hard but I can’t” Jae mutters to himself as he’s standing by the washbasin to clean the tears that were forming in his eyes.

Suddenly the door opens and Jae quickly composes himself to hide his sorrows. He didnt want anyone at work knowing about his private life and that he still wanted someone that is dead and long buried.

Jesse: “Guy how far now?! hurry up!! MD is on sit, we’re waiting on you to proceed.” Jesse says to him hurriedly as he peeps his head through the door. “Na piss you dey piss since?”

Jae: “I dey come jare, na sleep dey worry me I come say make I wash my face. I’m exhausted man.”

Jesse: "Aren’t we all? C’mon let’s hurry up and get to it. I have a date with wifey tonight, can’t afford to miss it else I’m a goner. You know these women and their complains ehn"
Jesse says laughing and Jae couldn’t help but laugh too.

Jae: “Sorry man, let’s get to it.” Jae replies as he hurries out of the toilet with Jesse in front of him into the conference room.