Update: tosin odunfa, mo abudu & the lie that went viral


Earlier today we posted about the trending issue involving Wole Soyinka, Tonye Cole and the unknown young man who told Soyinka to vacate his allotted window seat.

But now, there is an update on the matter as the young man in question has replied and here was his reply as posted under the post by Tonye Patrick Cole

Fine reply, wouldn’t you say?

Yeah, it was until the “people of twitter” decided to Google “University of Mannittawiw”

Guess what?

The University of Mannittawiw doesn’t exist!

Looks like this new twist just made things more interesting but that’s not all.

Apparently, Tosin Odunfa also works for EbonyLife Tv according to his LinkedlIn Bio and there is still no mention of the University of Mannittawiw

And it happens that Mo Abudu was one of the critics of his refusal to vacate his seat for Wole Soyinka.

Here’s where things get interesting…

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