Upload the best photography you saw today here



Wassup guys. So this thread intends to celebrate awesome photographers (Nigeria and beyond) and inspire those who love taking good pictures.

Often times, we see good pictures and forget the guys behind the camera. Their dexterity with the lenses is worth appreciating too.

So post creative works, give credits to the photographer, drop their contact if possible…and maybe you will find who will shoot you at your wedding. Okay, that didn’t come out right :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


So I will go first

By: Obidi Nzeribe (Obislens)
Instagram: @obislens
Twitter: @EriKonstantine


After 6 Years And 720,000 Attempts, Scottish Photographer Alan McFadyen Finally Takes Perfect Shot Of Kingfisher

Twitter: @alanmcfadyen


720,000 attempts?

Ah, mogbe! :open_mouth::muscle:t3:


Adrian McDonald


I saw this yesterday on Unsplash, and what I really like about it is that the site opened on her phone somehow looks like Zegist.

:camera:: Radu Mihai



By: Prince Meyson
Instagram: @princemeyson


1 Manel Garcia

2 and 3 Guardian World Photography 2017. They won it. Don’t know their names.
4 Stole is from 500Px
5 ArtorPorn
6 54Artistry on IG


Wow…greatness overload.


I’m seeing things. Lovely. :sunglasses:




I had to read the post title very well, Upload the best Pornography you saw today here. was my first SAW.


Can’t help you bro. I kent :sweat_smile:


@kent they’re calling you


By Jongwoo Kim

Instagram: @rye_whiskey


Yasss :grin:


Bayo Omoboriowo
Instagram: @bayoomoboriowo


@theunofficialomotayo, come sprinkle your sauce in here.


Arghh…Bayo Omoboriowo :grin:

I really really admire him :blush: