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This is a random picture I found on the net.
A mechanic proposing to his girl in his workshop.
I thought it was pretty cool.


A perfect example of resilience is the stubborn grass
Growing on a bleached white sand.


Footprints and sunset
Away from everything else.


Oshodi Market


Aha aha Bros. You no even let am cold at all at all.
Oya @Aje one bottle of chill Fanta for my fam.
Abi na small stout you go like?


Lol… Fanta will do. I like it ice cold :joy:




Took this some weeks ago. Just before cement bustop, Lagos Abeokuta express road


Please one question, are those blue coloured objects generators?


Yes geezy.
Those are multiple “I pass my neighbor” generators. That was part of what made the scene amusing to me when I took the picture.


Instagram: @theunofficialomotayo


Lol. Oshodi.


See casting😂


It’s Essaouira in Morocco


Disregard the hand​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
I need photography lessons


Instagram: @theunofficialomotayo




That is correct @Aje But you came late to the party.
But pls kindly give @theunofficialomotayo one ice chilled orobo Fanta. He answered first. And he has been waiting.


Date : September 2017
Location : Shot on the Bridge in Alapere Estate, Lagos state.
:camera: : @Mopelola_Ariyo


Be using my picture to showoff :grin: