Upload your picture: let's see the fine ones


Guy ur emotions are showing…lol


Emotions… Hahahaha…

Gee… Are you seriously pulling that stunt…??

You need to re-calibrate your emotion sensor oh…


Latest zegister alert :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: (I just hope that’s a thing)

Kindly direct me to 'em Ugly girls table, please. :sob:


I know right! we don’t know what @evansakanno is waiting for o!

@Oluwarufus too, ever GQ ready :raised_hands:


Me @lifeofesse @geezybee @Tayoib having icecream hubmart Admiralty road lekki phase 1


I can’t trust this picture becos its in black n white. Too much photo effect sef… :fearful:


@Mira :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Oya come and partake @Mira @judy @agbalumo @Kachie @Otumininu @debpoppy @evansakanno


Is this life? :woman_facepalming:t4: So someone will just sit in her house and u will be using ice cream picture to disturb me! What did I do to offend you :cry:


it’s been waaay too long o!
Hanging out with @lifeofesse & @geezybee



@geezybee why you come fine pass me nah


Wash na your way


Oya sorry


Fine fine people everywhere :heart_eyes:


Bia uncle, what kind of rough play is this na? :rage::rage:
Issorait ooo @mira please add this Hubmart to that our list of places to visit when we hit lag.


Smh! You and @Mira should come first before writing list of places to visit. I’m waiting for both of u :roll_eyes:


Mgbeke! :joy::joy::joy: hubmart is a supermarket not a tourist attraction centre. Don’t be disgracing me like this ehn!


You guys look good @lifeofesse @geezybee @Tayoib… And that ice cream is just calling my name sef :smirk::confused:


Yeeee! Kachieee!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

@mira take it off the list. Scratch it! Sharp sharp o.