Valentine Wishes 2018


Just write down your Valentine wish and someone here might just grant yours. Let’s do this.


With faith, my wish is to get a laptop.

Someone should show me love o

I can’t think of any other wish. :blush:


A semi-acoustic guitar. My current guitar needs a younger one.


A boyfriend :roll_eyes:


Receive one!

Maybe @Ms_aijohi has boyfriends for sale too.


Lol…I don’t have money to buy na…I want one as a gift plix


She will dash you… Me sef I no get.

Ginger her and get for two :joy::joy:


A denim jacket {M}


Lol. Your faith has made you whole sister! As I perceive laptop coming your way. Amen?!


my own is a tablet.


Someone sings!!! Finish me. @theunofficialomotayo for President!!

I want a paid blind date!


Lol…Music is my first love o

  1. 2 phase electric cooker
  2. Anything that can make my face pimples-free and wouldn’t make me fairer
  3. A hooded pullover/hooded sweater
  4. Head set.
    That’s all. :roll_eyes:


Are you sure that’s all? You can add more now :grin: issa miracle working God.


I could use a group hangout on the valentine weekend… With food, drinks, small chops, fried chicken and conversations.


That’s kuku not all. I only decided to be modest with the asking ni and not do too much. But since you asked baby, these are the remaining:
5. Backpack
6. Eye pencil
7. Purple lipstck
8. A new frame for my glasses
Let me stop here. Na you go buy these ones :smile:


:grinning::grinning: God is able.


I think I prefer this one :point_up:t5:


Nice idea.


A wrist watch