Valentine Wishes 2018


Please, where is @ruthameh125? Mama where hath thou? Where have you been? I hope you’re fine? KISSES


I can buy you this two😁


Beautiful!!! Thanks many bunches :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart: :hugs: I heart you much


Why did you pick those? Damn!!


She’s fine. She’s currently in camp.




What do you mean? There are other things there na. That’s why I listed 8 things. You can buy the remaining 6 things na :smile: Can’t you see how @Monique don dey sweet my belle ni? Se you too you don’t want to sweet my belle ni?


How i wish these were 3k wishes!


:ok_woman:t5::ok_woman:t5: I honestly wanted to surprise you…you know you’re my Zegist lover. Don’t worry :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Ehnnn. Oya surprise me baby :kissing_heart:
By the way, se na only boyfriend you want ni?


Eeerm… I want many things.


List them. That boyfriend own don almost dey sorted…if only you’d say yes to uncle F :rofl: but list the rest sha. The one that people can pick from ni. Don’t come and be writing the Head of an Elephant


Baby why are you doing this to me na? You sef know say uncle F no serious :joy::joy::joy: is that the kind of boyfriend you want me to present to you?
I want serious boyfriend dazall.


Baebi me sef is looking for bf to rent o


I wish for a laptop right now
5 or 10k cash
A phone
A headset
A sneakers
A Hoodie


I wish for a job exposure before nysc…any sector at all


Oh, I have a very good wish and I hope this one doesn’t pass me by.

I want to attend this ladies’ hangout captioned the vault on the 24th of February. That’s when I want to celebrate my own Valentine’s Day, bikonu.

Help a sister.

The registration fee and everything is 10k :blush:


Valentine wishes
A cake, or bucket of peppered fried chicken wings… Just that…:grinning:


That’s easy, just win the Valentine contest…


No no no… that contest has nothing to do with my wish, biko.