Viral Picture Of A Teacher Wearing A Life Jacket While Her Pupils Had Non Sparks Outrage


This photo of a school teacher putting on a life jacket while her pupils are in the same boat without wearing one has has sparked outrage by online users.

The kids and teacher were said to be on a paid class excursion where they had to cross the river using a boat. We are however yet to hear reasons why this was done but people are demanding that she should be brought for questioning.

While so many people have called her various names for putting the lives of the kids in danger, other people are of the opinion that maybe only one life jacket was available or maybe only those meant for adults were available.

Personally, i think on no account should this have happened. They had better not go on the trip if they knew no provisions for a life jacket would be made.

What do you think?


One lesson to learn from this:

Never try the media. They are beginning to have a very loud voice. You better live your life right and learn to do things the right way or stay off social media.

This is crap and i feel like pushing her inside that water. :rage::rage::rage: To think it was a paid trip?


I’m sure the parents of these kids paid fully for this excursion, the safety of the kids should be covered and catered for? this is far from selflessness . Why risk the lives of innocent future leaders like this. She should be questioned.


she deserves it. :unamused::unamused::unamused:


As in, isn’t it just annoying? I wonder what they would do to her…


This is why we say, God will bless people to put their kids in the right kind of schools. She really needs to be questioned


Abi o… I bet she has no excuse in the world…


Maybe the kids told her they were aqua kids :joy: :joy:

Asides blaming the teacher, the guards at the bay should insist on life jackets for the kids. It’s the normal thing to do before they set sail


Right? They were not even suppose to move without ensuring the kids are with life jackets.

Another way to look at this is that probably the kids are yet to put on the life jacket before this picture was taken…