#VLS# Love Don't Cost a Thing


We judge by what we see. Time surely heals but love catches you unaware and makes a fool out of you.
It was never love at first sight, it was never love at all. Love has been too wicked and unlucky in my area. I programmed everything out, the last break up was a mess I wish never started. I decided to shut the windows and doors to my heart. I should be called wicked, I don’t care.
Tears rolled down my eyes at the realization that I had fallen in love at a point I promised myself no more love for now, I needed a good break. What a mess is this! I kept my distance, never stayed same place with him for a long time, never kept an eye contact but he always looked same time I did and our eyes always locked together then he will always smile at me and I could never resist smiling back even though, I have just been caught staring. I kept on moving away but he kept moving closer.
Things began to unfold, we exchanged numbers. Hellos and HI’s began to pour out from every corner then I listened to John Legends’ “Love Me Now” for the first time and I couldn’t resist it any longer. I decided to let fate take its place.
He became more than just a friend, he became my muse. I will be ready to go on any long journey with him. He became everything. I decided to let him take me through this journey of love. Let love heal every wound that has been left opened but I hope he doesn’t create one someday.
Mr E has not been the perfect friend in this journey of discovering love, there were times we fight (not physical) and I couldn’t sleep nor breathe, it was as if he took every air around. It has never been like this. This is a new kinda love for me but, it has hurt me the most.
I still wish, it never started and walking away right now is difficult. I’m proud to have met him in my journey of self discovery, he makes loving me so easy lol this difficult me. I know I just want to be better every time.
Listening to Simi’s “Complete Me”, I will just have to love him till the end. I’m so eager to write about him, talk about him but, I will have to take it slow and watch what direction its gonna lead us towards.

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Oya read this one o


Update us when it leads to the altar


Lol seriously…you are funny


Sigh! Love is indeed a mystery. Well done girl.


Thanks dearie…yeah it is




@Ms_aijohi I literally could feel everything here and can totally relate… Weldone…

You should share your post on all social media channels to win this…

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If this is the kind of love my mama used to warn me about… I’m in trouble, I’m in real big trouble :notes::notes:

Awwww… I’ve read and reread this story o, didn’t just know what to comment.

You’ve written well, really, you have.

In case this is a true life story, I wish you the truest and purest of love. Not that kind momma warned you about, but the sincerest kind of love, without walls.

And please o, watch the direction well o, so that it can lead us to come and eat your wedding rice.


Hope that comes with a hug too

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How can I do it. I was able to share on Facebook I guess. How can I get the link to post on Instagram.

Are you sure baebi? How did I do?

Lol awwwwww but you have the longest comment here.

Thanks dearie

Thanks that’s what I wish for everyone.

Lol no comment here

Lol… You don’t need to comment, baby, we are waiting for the rice day.

If you like cook beans that day, I will still eat it and not purge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lol seriously

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If people can’t seem to understand that it’s everything and yet nothing, they haven’t realised love, no control, just the emotions crying to breath cos everytime, it’s what you just wanna live on, it’s majestic and only happens once. You just can’t love twice.


Too deep bro… Thanks for supporting this

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I felt this deep.
I used to doubt it, but I guess we never really love twice. We just cope with what life had to offer us


Yeah you are so right

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Be careful for nothing milady. Love without regard.

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Yes dear

You men are complicated