#VLS: Love Truely

Dear B,

It’s 5 years you’ve been gone and I promise I don’t cry anymore. #i bet you know I’m lying…

I’ve learnt to live through the pain, to survive, just as you taught me.

This past 5 years has shown me the incredible strength I didn’t know I possessed.

I still recall clearly that moment when we first met. I remember feeling my heart run out my chest when our eyes locked. I remember been lost in that look and wishing we wouldn’t blink. And then you smiled, OMG… my world stopped instantly, nothing mattered anymore.
Not even the screams from the platoon commandant.
That moment I knew I had found the one, my best friend, my confidant, my go to guy, my gee and most of all, the love of my life.

Meeting you made that torturous 3 weeks bearable. I still remember our Mammi adventure, with your sly dance moves :joy::joy: to fimile by sars… Booooyyy, you owned the stage. No wonder those thirsty camp girls couldn’t get their hands off you, mchew… but ofcos, you had eyes for only one person. flips hair

B, you made me feel complete, special, like the only girl in the world. Now I know why that was my favorite song that year :cry:.

Our journey was such a beautiful and amazing one. Girl 19 meets boy 28. The age difference was insignificant cos you treated me with so much respect and regard. Always willing to listen to my endless rant. In you I found solace and protection, most of all, I found peace.

I remember that dreadful omelette I made when I came visiting with J. Cole playing in the background. You ate it all and told me how that was the best you’ve ever had. I knew that was to console me.

Babe, i make the best omelette now, how i wish you would have just a bite. Just a bite is all I ask for, if only heaven can hear and grant my wish.

I’m grateful I experienced love so true and pure. I’m grateful I experienced life with you even if it was for a short time. I’m grateful you introduced me to J.cole’s music, even if Kendrick L is taking his spot in my life right now. I’m grateful I met you cos you set a standard so high, I know I won’t be settling for less.

I’m a grown baby girl now, setting and smashing those goals we talked about. I’m sure you would be sooooooo proud of me.

B, I met a guy :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:, funny, sweet, and kinda like you :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. I hope to tell you all about him when I write you next year, that is, if we work out.

Keep looking out for me from above…

Your dearest Girl…
Zillion kisses… :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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Oh my God @Zoe this is really beautiful!!! Is this a true story? I have no words to describe this.
I’m not writing story again oh.


Hahahaaaaa @Judy
Thank you…
Kinda true but he did not die :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
Needed to add that twist


Haaaaaaa!! U dis geh!! You almost made me cry sha. Issokay, let me goan continue writing my story @Zoe


I shed some :cry: while writing this… :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Can’t wait to read yours :grinning:


@Judy @Drew @Udy_Inyang @Mira @Kent
Biko gather the community o


Oh, soft heart like mine.


I’ve done that. So how much will you pay me if you win? @Zoe


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:joy::joy::joy: You’re even being fair…issokay

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lol… @Zoe, pay her with Oh @Judy darling, thanks a lot. I love you!

Love covereth all. :grin:


What’s ur own with my own na @Mira ? Please shift, no come pour sand sand for my garri. 30% eez nor a joking sturv.

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lol… 30% it is.

Signed and sealed!

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We made a deal already…
@Judy is sure getting 30 off the cut if we get the mula…

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Yes oh!!! Mula must come!!

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@Judy, Mula fall on you!


Wow! This got me mehn. I wish you could listen right now cos am just gonna play BYE BYE by Mariah Carey. The remix where you have Akon & lil Wayne. Kisses girl. You rock


I love both the original and remix versions. And then Katy Perry’s the one that got away.

Yea, great songs but for the bye bye song I prefer the remix because of lil Wayne’s rap