#VLS: The Slot Encounter



I pride myself in the fact that I’m not a cheat, hence why I am befuddled by her recent actions. After sweet many years of being intertwined, why? Why would Eli do this to me? My religious inclination makes me a one woman person but as I’ll say “We all are capable of evil, all we need is the motive and opportunity”. Well, mine came sooner than I expected.

I met Eli where boys became men at SLOT. It was such an ordinary Tuesday when I walked in with Collins who needed to buy a phone. He couldn’t find his desired specs online, so we just had to come down. He was checking around from kiosk to kiosk when I caught a glimpse of this beauty. She was gorgeous, just the right shade of light to complement my dark skin. Our eyes clicked, my heart skipped, I just knew this was it as I could hear the angels on the piano and the heavens sighing! My gaze danced around her and she returned them surreptitiously. For the second time in my life, I was scared shitless, words fled me and I was almost going to walk away but for Collins who boosted my morale. He was around the corner and must have noticed my quandary as he came to my rescue. I can’t remember how the conversation ensued, but I left there with her by my arms. I was grinning from ear to ear and my buck teeth showing the way.

Eli was the girl of my dreams, sleek beauty, flat curves, and an intelligent being. She was my go to buddy, we talked about everything. It was unbridled chemistry. We went everywhere, even to the office. My colleagues talked effusively about her. Ours, was the kind of love story you wrote about.
We made love every other night and I’ll admit that I usually fell sound asleep after the deed. There’s something about making love but that’s a gist for another day.

It was a week after our second anniversary, she started acting up. Eli was always tired, my touch was beginning to tweak her nerves. Now I look back and realise the signs where there all along but I just felt, maybe she needed more attention or space but you know, no one really understands women!

“You dey sleep?” Officer Dante’s raucous voice jolted me from my reverie. Slowly my mind arrived the four walls of the shabby cubicle as I replied, “No sir. Sleep ke? In this situation, pesin no dey sleep o”.

“Wetin happen?” He asked me as he pressed for my side of the story. Officer Dante looked like a four-flusher so I decided to tone down the details without any embellishment as I don’t want any more dealings with this snollygoster. I was giving him my rendition of how Eli broke my heart when she walked in with another chap and the free flow of tears stemmed my narration. We had our first major brawl and that’s what brought me to Officer Dante. He previously had a session with Eli and was mediating for a tangible fee.

After an hour with the two of them, I walked out in relief knowing I did no wrong even if there were many things I could have done right to forestall this. This was a lesson I’ll never forget in a hurry in my hunt for a new boo. First, never love a lady completely, keep some –just in case. Secondly, never put your eggs in a basket, put them in two! I was close to the Uber waiting for me when I overheard the young chap saying “Eeya, I pity am sha. Make he go find another one jawe, no be only am dey. Shebi, Officer don try im best?”

I was beginning to wonder why Dante was called “Officer” seeing that he had no affiliations with any of the military parastatal or even the police, guessing he earned it from his skills at getting to the root of issues without creating damages. Despite his avid love for money, he was good with computers! No wonder he handled Eli well.

Oh! By the way, Eli’s full name is EliteBook HP and she was good while we lasted. Caught you there, didn’t I? Anyways, I’ve found two laptops that I am going to buy. I’m not taking chances no more!!! Guys Stay woke!!

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I tell you. See how he romanced words effortlessly.


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@Aje never disappoints when it comes to using words.

You need to know how some of us had been eager for you to upload your story sir. You didin disappoint. Lovely :ok_hand:t5::grin:


@aje of the school of words!!! Weldone sah! I knew where you were going all along just didn’t think it was gonna come this way. Those words were too much for human love, angels on the piano, you even made love every night, :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: God bless you plenty. I always knew men would take the love story from a different angle! Kudos again @aje. You have my dozen votes already sir.


“Made love every night” at this point i started asking myself question ‘weda na machine’ i guess i was right afteral. :yum: Nice one dear i enjoyed reading it and was so eager to know how it finally enDed


I had to read it twice sha… you got me oooooo :clap::rofl:… but I suspected when you mentioned the office part and said you always sleep after the deed :joy::joy:




See his head! All these words on top laptop…Just when I thought Eli was a girl and you both made love every night. So this is what you could do after the long wait for a romantic love story abi?


@aje I guess that’s how we think. or what do you want us to tell of love when we haven’t experienced it? @judy


You say? @Onaopemipo you haven’t experienced love except with a computer? And you’re still supporting him. Wehdon!


They are still a great partner till date. Giving joy and money every now and then :grin::grin::grin::grin: reciprocating some of the love isn’t a badd idea ma’am.


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Issokay. @Kiitan mummy coman see this pikin oh he say na computer he wan marry, I think he needs deliverance, 1big bottle of Goya olive oil and broom to beat the demon out of him :joy::joy::joy: