#VLS: The Slot Encounter


Bhuhahahahahahahahaha…Call T.B Joshua Too


Brother @aje well done sir!


Hehehehehehehe. This got me laughing!!! My dear, Goya no fit do this deliverance 'cos it’s going to be a waste of good refined oil. Na oil wey get saturated fatty acids we go use conduct the deliverance, we go kon use some nice mallam koboko wey don soak for inside salt and water for days cos pankere lasan cannot do justice either. @Onaopemipo, instead of you to allow your spirit to connect with the babe the Potter has specially molded for you, the flesh from your rib, you’re there professing love for computer, the electronic of your flesh. Your case no be here. Come, kneel, let us pray for you. In Jesus name…
@Aje, :+1: :+1: :+1:


Hehehehehe @pretyprexy come to my aid and explain to mummy what has been going on in her absence.


Lmao! HP laptop #sighs


Thank you for the push baby,

:joy::joy: Thank you

hahahahaa… :joy::joy: now i’m rolling

She is my girl o, and its still romance naa

thanks and thanks @Kiitan




You got me there…I’ll have to flog you for this


You got me there.

Nice one


Heheheheheeee! Jxt kill me pls! Dope piece. And errrrr the the gist about the making love part abeg!


Why are you calling my name?


Brilliant writeup :ok_hand:


Shebi you’ve been the intermediary and supposed Alaga Ijoko of the Blossoming union. @kiitan she’ll explain to you o. even @judy sef is a witness.


lol… You wish… BikoCount me out…


:unamused::unamused: World People! Come and see life o @mira they were going upandan choosing clothes and venue just a while ago o. They even booked yam. SMH


Why was my name mentioned here, biko?

Count me out o!


Hehehehehehehehe, Things fall Apart even the alleged bride to be sef is denying. To God be the glory (End of Indian Movie).



Draws the curtain


:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: No body is drawing any curtain here o… Tahhhh!!! Better open that curtain…

Where do you guys think you’re going to? @Mira and @Onaopemipo or oh wait… You both are about to do the “thing” so you’re drawing the curtain… :sunglasses::sunglasses:


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