#VLS: Zinny


So, I gained admission to pursue a post graduate degree in Lagos and next to my name on the admission list was Zinny’s. Did a quick search on social media to see the people I will be stuck with for the next couple of years and Zinny’s pictures and profile caught all my attention.
I was looking forward to meeting every one. Damn it! It is not good to lie. I was looking forward to meeting Zinny. I got to school, I saw Zinny, and she was different in person.

I would pass by her in class and act like my heart was not beating fast. To say the least, I had studied every of her features; from her brown eyes to her shinny little teeth, to her perfect fingers and her distinct Ibo accent that wants me to just keep listening her, not to hear what she says but just because I love to listen to how she sounds.

Before long, I found out we live not too far apart and we would always take the same route going home after classes. So, I made it my duty to see her off after every class and I would every time to see her enter the bus before I turn back to go my way.
On my new found duty, we would talk about everything and anything.
I had absolutely no idea what I was doing but I kept doing it anyway. I began to show her the deepest parts of me. Told her stuffs I wasn’t confortable telling anyone; my fears, my worries, my dreams and it was just amazing how genuinely concerned and interested she was in my case.

In the midst of mates, I could hide behind my cute face (yeah, sorry I didn’t mean to brag but people have been saying it recently. So, I am kinda starting to believe it too) and my charm but she could see all through that.
I remember this particular day. We were walking through the busy street of Bariga market and she felt it somehow that I was a bit sad, I tried to mask it but she refused to let me leave her in that state. She insisted on making me feel better, I claimed I was fine. I even faked a smile or two but she didn’t buy any of those.
She started talking to me; gradually I pretended to be feeling better, so she would let me go.
She continued ; she made funny faces as she spoke, claiming that was how I make mine when talking and I denied blatantly. She continued talking, now mimicking some weird deep voice claiming I sound like that when I speak. God knows I don’t sound like that. And finally, when she wanted to start the walk, in an attempt to replicate how I walk. I have seen her do that plafully before. I knew I had to stop her and agree to her previous antics.
I had forgotten entirely about what I was worried about and up till now I can’t remember what made me depressed that day. She is like a cure for my worries.
She took a deep breath and said “So, I guess I can go home now, my job here is done. Now that you are smiling ” Then I remembered I was sad not too long ago. I had forgotten entirely about it.
She entered the bus, showed me her lil shinny teeth and I winked at her.

Fast forward…. we were both sitted on the floor of her lil apartment situated somewhere in Oworoshonki, trying to solve some school work problems from previous class. We were in high spirits, there was this sudden silence and she looked up at me and said
“Nifemi, you drive me crazy”
I wasn’t prepared for that. I had no response at the time. One of these two things happened; either I could not find my voice or I had no idea what to say.
I laughed it off and when I got home, I picked my phone and I sent her a message
“Pls, do not say stuffs like that to me, else, I will fall hopelessly in love with you”
She replied “You can fall all you want cuz I will be willing to catch you”

And in that second, I knew I was born to love Zinny.

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My oh my!!!

This is LOVE!!!

Nifemi, on behalf of Zinny, come and take a hug. :joy:

I wish I could like this story more than once. :smile::smile:


Shaaaaa… please I want the part two of this story o. What happened next? Hope Zinny caught you well :wink::wink:


That part is a different ball game


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Oh Zinny baby. I hope you both fall into each other’s arms and heart cos the ground is too hard for this kinda love :grin::grin:


daaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!! Love :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: This #VLS contest should end soon please… My poor heart can’t handle all these love stories anymore… :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

@nifex007 Please tell me this is not fiction please… It has to be a real story…


I am glad you like it


it is a true story but not a complete story


Aaaaaw I’m happy to see guys express their feelings so genuinely. Well done @nifex007


Awww… Thats lovely… I hope you’re sharing this on all your social media channels ( WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook)… You should so your friends can help you win this…


Jeeez! My friends from school shouldn’t see this. Everybody knows Zinny.


Serious???lol… Are you keeping it away from them??


The babe can shoot shot shaaa… She is super smart… She was ready for it…


Lol. More reason why you should have used another name and another environment too. :thinking: Just tweak part of the story here and there


Hehehehe can you do what she did?


Yeah I think so too… Except if it’s a story you don’t mind sharing though.