Walk into a restaurant or order for food?

Hi Everyone,
I own a Full Online Restaurant only operational in Ile-Ife for now (where I school).

I will like to hear your opinion,
Will rather go to the a restaurant or order for your food online.

NB: Foodie is not a food delivery service, it an online restaurant.


Food delivery service / online restaurant… explain abeg …we sha can’t eat the food online


Lol.… A food delivery service gets food from other restaurants but an online restaurant makes food available and delivers.


That will be very difficult to scale man. Why is this model better than just building on existing structure(existing restaurant)?


I’m particular about the food and the time it takes to get the food to customers. Most restaurants finds it difficult to integrate into another logistics system. But when you merge both the kitchen and the logistics together you have more control of the taste of the food and the time of delivery.


This sounds like a good idea @codepoetpro and I like the fact that you are starting out in Ife.
It’s a great place to test the waters and fine-tune the idea before expanding to more demanding parts of the country.

That’s a thought provoking question.

Besides, the site is clean. :thumbsup: @codepoetpro

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Wow! @codepoetpro is an awesome dev guy.

Nice UI, UX.

Well I would prefer to order food online.


Thanks @Oluwarufus @evansakanno @TosinAdekoya


Wow, very useful service. Some restaurants do not have their website, so I think this creation will make online ordering much more easier and I will order food from my favorite resataurant Verden http://portofino-verden.de much more easier. I really would like to see their great and tasty menu online in a near future.

Nowadays almost all restaurant have online delivery but in portofino verde is the fastest delivery and tater food that I have ever seen