Was I married in the eyes of God?

Years ago I moved in with my boyfriend. I did not just want to live with him; I wanted to get married. But he refused, wanting to wait until he was further along in his schooling.

He did, however, consent to marry “on paper” before a judge in order to secure residence status in the United States (he was not a United States citizen). With that reasoning only, we got married, never publicly acknowledging our “marriage.”

My understanding was that this “paper” marriage would eventually lead to a “real” marriage. Thereafter, we obtained separate residences, and our relationship did not progress as planned. My “husband” has never recognized our marriage as legitimate, and no longer desires to marry me. Recently, my husband filed for divorce and dissolved our “paper” marriage.

Were we indeed married in the eyes of God?

If so, was that considered a biblical divorce, allowing me to remarry? If not, what place does that leave me in?

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You actually weren’t married. The only legally binding way to marry biblically is if the bride’s father consents to the marriage (1 Corinthians 7:38) After that, once you two consummate, the marriage is sealed (Genesis 29:30).

you don’t need any priest or church to get married (there’s no priest joining people in marriage in the bible because it’s a thing of the flesh). That’s why the only celebration of marriage was the reception. No one married in synagogues. Just the couple agreeing, the bride’s father consenting and consummation is required to bind a marriage in the eyes of God.



This is a tough one really…because God recognizes even the court marriage. … but then i think because it wasn’t done in a church, you can go ahead and re-marry without the mindset of “biblical divorce”…

That’s a better way to address this. Did the father actually accept this marriage or they just went on to do it on their own…