Watching The Big Brother Naija 2018? Come Let's Gist


To those watching the Big brother Nigeria, Kindly gist us on what’s going on, give us regular update for those of us who aren’t having access to TV Screen, also attach pictures if needed…Thanks

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Well,6 house mates has been evicted cus they don’t have the bed cards… Also it seems our original biggy isn’t present in this season.


The New BIggie has got auto tune.
The folks seemingly evicted were moved to another apartment.

They are probably the joker for #BBADoubleWahala


Next two years, you people better make sure i don’t get evicted


They were moved to another apartment.


And the opening of padlock is taking too long

I’m tired of watching, biko.


I missed out :sob:
Don’t have a TV here.

So I learnt ladies are crushing on Miracle and TeddyA.
Who else?


For those that haven’t met the Double Wahala housemates:

Nina looks like she is going to be popular with the male population. She feels she will be popular in the house as she is “real and fans will love that.”

Vandora the talkative hopes her family is going to be supportive of her because they were initially skeptical of her entering the House.

Teddy A wants to “blow” and be “popular.” This musical prodigy loves making music and we hope he entertains Nigeria with his obvious talent and looks.

K.Brule considers himself “fun and loyal” who also loves making music. This socially conscious only child wants to use his platform to highlight education and energy for all.

Princess is a Geology graduate who wants to further her hidden talent of acting and she loves cooking and designing clothing.

Alex is a unique and daring. She says “love does not exist in her dictionary”. However, she is single and a bit of a social butterfly who loves to dance .

Dee-One loves to dance, rap and sing but above all, he is a comedian and wants to make everyone in the House, laugh. He says he is a stand up comedian. Let’s watch out for some comedy.

Miracle is already a qualified pilot who is obviously an over achiever. Off air, he is a model. Judging by the reaction of the ladies in the audience, he is going to be very popular among the ladies. He loves his fashion and dancing and won’t go anywhere without his favourite skinny jeans.

Ahneeka comes from a large family and promises to “eliminate all things dull” from the House and this feisty lady promises to have lots of fun doing just that.

Multilingual BamBam had a strange strategy, that of greeting Nigeria in some South African languages. She clearly has set her sites on being popular outside of Nigeria, let’s see how that works out for her.

Rico Swavey is an actor and is in the House for the experience and he considers himself a protector who looks after the opressed.

Bitto is in a comitted relationship and says he will miss his girlfriend the most. With interests that include travelling and taking pictures, Bitto looks set to be an exciting addition to Big Brother Naija Double Wahala.

Khloe is a horror movie fan and just wants to bring drama to the show. Khloe feels she isoften misunderstood and plans to use her time in the House to shine. She is a fashion designer, owner of the brand line “Koko by Khloe”

Ifu Ennada plans on bringing “raw and unfiltered honesty” but, most of all, she’ll be bringing a sense of fun into the House. Ifu Ennada won the Head of House task last night. Smart girl.

Angel is passionate about life and fears that this will make him lose his temper in the House, something to look out for. He loves martial arts, swimming, playing guitar and playing video games. He is one of ten children so, he is used to crowded houses.

Leo has “secret Math skills” and believes he can “solve everyone’s problems.” He hates snoring, which could be a problem with so many people sleepingh under one roof.

Anto only moved to Nigeria at the age of 20 as she was borbn and raised in america. She abhors laziness and loves going to the beach, dancing and cooking.

Cee-C is certainly confident and considers herself “mentally attractive” and “eye candy” for the guys. She loves reading novels and is also an avid tennis player as well as a “mean cook.”

Lolu is a university graduate who is a secret poet, dancer and singer. His secret talent is that he loves doing accents which we ar esure will make him popular in the House. He hopes to bring his spontenaety to the House and his “love for the girls.”

Tobi loves poetry, rapping, drawing and singing. This university graduate is in th eHouse “if only for the fun.”


I was busy watching barca match





This is so going to be fun


So essentially, I will come here to read all the BBN updates… #sweet


That is ZEgist :wink:


In other news, my namesake is super cute.



Please o, who finally opened the padlock?


Lol… I just tire for their bridal makeover

Like say dey no go wash face again :joy::joy::joy:

Alex already confessed last night that we won’t recognize her after she wipes the makeup :joy:


Ifu Ennada and Cee-C did. So the battle for Head of House is between both of them today.


Oh, that’s good!

The one who dressed like a Queen abi Princess with her adorable flowing gown, versus the one whose nails were longer than River Nile.

They are both beautiful :heart_eyes:

Let’s see who gets the head of house.


So, what happened to the other six that were sidelined in another apartment?

Thought they would also participate in the head of house competition