Watching The Big Brother Naija 2018? Come Let's Gist


The first eviction show is tonight, yo!

I just want to see Cee C leave. Das all :pensive:


@mira o, K Brule and Khloe have been disqualified.

And she was Head of House. No mercy from biggie.

This pairing thing is going to put a lot of people in trouble. Each pair of housemates have 3 strikes to get disqualified. K Brule caused them two strikes while Khloe caused one.





Lol… They were not evicted ni… Just disqualified from the house.

Meanwhile, in other news, Princess, Bitto, Vandora, Dee-One got evicted tonight.


People are taking this Big Brother thing like 3 Unit course. See how babes finished themselves :joy:

They even still remembered to use the hashtag.



This one cracked me up o :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I know after the Annie girl wrote all those curses, the other girl will be scared to sleep that night before she dies :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Permit me to laugh again o :joy::joy::joy::joy:


The thing cracked me up too :joy:


Angel and Ahneeka got evicted tonight.


I think its Angel that got Ahneeka evicted tonight, if its not for the pairing thing, it’s only Angel that will got evicted tonight .


abeg make unah dy update us, with video and pictures if possible. Cus some of us no get TV for where we dy


You are right. Darkness and light :joy::joy:

And IFU too, she is Leo’s badluck and she’s too proud. I wish she gets evicted next.


Exactly oooo…na God save dem (LiFu) tonight, i actually think that they will be the one to be evicted gansef and Ahneeka should have been more closer to Rico so that his fans go just dey vote for her too


True. Angel did not really have fans.

Anyway, Ebuka said that the pairs will be dissolved today.


Yeah. I can’t wait for IFU to leave. Her ITK is too much


Me, I can’t wait for Cee C to leave abeg.

Can’t stand the girl.


CeeC was so scared yesterday :joy::joy::joy:


I can’t wait for CeeC and IFU to take a bow out of the house