Watching The Big Brother Naija 2018? Come Let's Gist


She had already written love letter to Tobi sef :joy:

To me, it seemed as if she had given up and was expecting to be evicted.


Lwkmd!!! the girl is one Psycho prsn


Finally!!! Miracle and Nina caught on Camera while having Oral sex. She was eventually giving miracle a head (Blowjob) i guess. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Is it just me or BamBam has a striking resemblance with @Judy ?


Really! Let me look for @Judy’s face in this thread.

On a different note, please what do you think about the return of Khloe and Anto?


I’ve not been following BBN like that.
Yesterday, I was at a friend’s place and had the opportunity to watch the eviction show live. Unfortunately, no one was evicted.

And about Anto and Khloe coming back, not fair I’d say.


Anto is being childish, I must say. See the cold shoulder she gave to Lolu na… She couldn’t even hide it. That’s not why people voted her back.

Even though I like the fact that Khloe is back, I think Biggie is being unfair by bringing back evicted HMs. I mean, they already know what’s up(their strength and weakness).

One more thing, I’m glad IFU didn’t make it back to the house. She’s quite full of herself.


Ehn? Who is bambam? I hope she is a fine girl and is in good behavior. I stopped watching big brother a long time ago @Mopelola_Ariyo.
I don’t have the emotional patience to sit and watch it anymore.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I don’t know much about her because I’m not really updated concerning the show. But yea, she’s pretty and laughs a lot.


I think Miracle will win this bbnaija, followed by Tobi and Nina or Cee-C.
But I’m still thinking people love Cee-C so she might come second…


I think it’s between Tobi and Miracle.


First and second position is for Miracle and Tobi(any of them can win the 45million), CeeC and Nina can hustle for the third position.


Meanwhile, in the house, Miracle has already gotten 201million Naira already. 200million from yesterday’s wager picking box and 1million from winning the payporte game few weeks ago.


It’s ₦200,000 he won yesterday, not million.


lol… my dear, it was a mistake. my eyes was seeing double. I was even wondering how he would get that when the winning price is 45million.

Thank you my sister.


Mira Mira!!! Na so money dey waste? Plus the 45 million ha!


The money too long ni :joy::joy::joy:


Tobi came 3rd, Alex 4th, Nina 5th.

Who will win?

Miracle or CeeC?


Cee C made it very far o, despite the hate.

I expected Tobi and Miracle to drag 1st and 2nd.


Same here o