Water Don Pass Garri 😨😱

this mata wey go come una dormot… e hot like amala… e strong like aki and e scatter like pure water…
Make una ready for the tori… as every Ebuka, Ade and Amaka go yan ontop the mata for here.

E come happen say i drop one fine bobo pikin with my girlfriend wen i been dy play life but me and my girlfriend no marry BUT this fine bobo pikin don grow and en don reach to pound woman😁 and d boy fine just like me😍…

Na here palava start :scream::cold_sweat:

so… i don marry now and i no fit born agn as d doctors find out afta i don marry my wife… but coz i love my wife and no wnt hurt am and no wnt lose am, i come pay every doctor wey we dy meet to falsify our records and certify us ok to born… and my dear wife no know… Abeg blame me small brethren :dizzy_face::mask:

As i dy do my underground works with doctors naso my wife get her own kwa…

Meanwhile, my fine bobo pikin dy stay with us now but as househelp as i no tel my wife d koko…:raised_hands::no_good_woman:

My wife underground work na to try nack this our househelp(remember say na my pikin but i no tell her) and na her friend give her the idea so that she fit no weda she fit carry belle at all…

so my wife do d kere wa finish wit househelp nahim she chop beleful… she come dy confused join…

Darling! i am pregnant… as my wife dy break d news to me…
we have a baby…:raising_hand_woman::joy:
i shock, come tel her say na lie… say no be me get d pikin… she try to deny, nahim i come sama d main tori give am say i no fit born…
den she com open up say na d househelp give am d fufu way dy her bele…:triumph::grimacing::smiling_imp:
My brethren… i still dy shock even as i dy write this thing…:sleeping::fearful:

who is to be blamed?
what do we do?
what should have been done b4 this thing aggrevated ?
please share your unreserved thoughts on this issue…

Towncrier @pretyprexy use your gong or smoke call them to converge here…:joy:


ehn na you find wahala go carry boy wey fine pass you do househelp, as your kponyor no fit give am belle, na so she find her way. But na still your pikin sha, shebi na your fine boy pikin born am, my man nothing do you…:joy:

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Hmmm…this is what the elders called “Oro Sunukun, Oju Sunukun lafin wo” sorry if you are not from my tribe you can’t understand that.

When we tell people to be open in relationship or marriage, they won’t listen, instead they will keep deceiving theirself saying they don’t want to lose their partner.

  1. The man is at fault, he allowed the man to seek for alternative way out.
  2. Very simple the man should just marry off the wife to his boy. With that he will suddenly become a Father-in-law, a father to his only son and a grandpa to the unborn child. :open_mouth:

pidgin please…

Me I no sabi pidgin

na true say we fit share somethings with family person But you go like share your wife with papi? vice versa

lol… Omo… i beg… d mata taya me… i need help… fine boy no be peace oh

lol… anyone goes…

fine boy go finish your wife, dey there, e never start.

I just can’t stop laughing… I don’t even know what to say sef.

Hehe… funny lad… shay na correct english u write so?
dis na d case of i no dy chop chicken but i dy chop egg


una welldone for here o,

You’re to be blamed, you lied about too many things, the fact say she fit get belle na hiim make kasala burst.
The solution be say make you luck up collect the pikin as per say na your grand pikin e go be. Na you cause the predicament for your head o. But then you suppose dey thank God say this pikin na your blood, what if she go carry belle from person from outside. :joy::joy::joy: Pray make God heal your heart on time to forgive and forget.


As my name don dey mentioned, make e no b like say I no wan ansa.

U suppose dey happy say na ur blood give ur blood bele, in oda words na still ur blood

Who me I wan blame if no be u
Wetin u wan do b4 pass to name d pikin, do party if he don comot
U shud av trusted the truth but I go say na selfishness worry u. U no wan loose ur wife bcus u no fit born, u still cun carry ur son put for ause as ause Boi and u no tell ur wife. Sebi na bele Wey no b ur own ur wife still get

If u ask me na still 2-1 d score b sef

Wen Madam KARMA decide to visit person for ause…

Congratulations ooo

Wetin cun be hin relationship to d pikin


Double title

Hin wife sef too like fine people


U wan kill am, he for just take d pikin turn granpa and stepdad. DAT one na just tow title na

No be him lay hin bed, he cun dey look for person Wey go lie untop shukushuku bed

Both of you… :roll_eyes:

Just accept the pickin… Love am like your own…and send the big head boy away…
( mehn, its so difficult writing in pidgin )

What should have been done? Keep an eye on your wife and her closeness to the houseboy.

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Na u start all the wahala wey make kasala burst so.
U play away match when u young,girl born for u,u come deny pikin. After u come accept the pikin finish u come turn am to ur house boy when u know say na ur blood dey the boy body and him john thomas still dey fresh and him come be striker like him papa.
Abeg just accept am like that. I never see the thing wey big so tey ground no fit take am.


This!! Sweet…

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