Web Designing 101 Class


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Great work.

Now, do you get the concept?

Now, add a background image to your webpage.


body {
background-image: url(“paper.gif”);

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A link to your image goes here.


Ok @Angie @Kachie.

The idea is simple. The .css linked to your webpage styles your webpage.



I seem not to know the right way to write the background code in css.
I had to write this background link directly in htm.
This is the second attempt.


CSS Border Properties

The CSS border properties allow you to specify the style, width, and color of an element’s border.

For example, we can style the borders of a paragraph.

@Angie @Kachie, create 10 paragraphs in your htm, then set attribute class in each of them respectively as follows.


For example, <p class="dotted">My dotted paragraph.</p>

Then paste this code in your .css

p.dotted {border-style: dotted;}
p.dashed {border-style: dashed;}
p.solid {border-style: solid;}
p.double {border-style: double;}
p.groove {border-style: groove;}
p.ridge {border-style: ridge;}
p.inset {border-style: inset;}
p.outset {border-style: outset;}
p.none {border-style: none;}
p.hidden {border-style: hidden;}
p.mix {border-style: dotted dashed solid double;}



Each paragraph in your htm should look something like this:

<p class="dotted">A dotted border.</p>
<p class="dashed">A dashed border.</p>
<p class="solid">A solid border.</p>
<p class="double">A double border.</p>
<p class="groove">A groove border.</p>
<p class="ridge">A ridge border.</p>
<p class="inset">An inset border.</p>
<p class="outset">An outset border.</p>
<p class="none">No border.</p>
<p class="hidden">A hidden border.</p>
<p class="mix">A mixed border.</p>

It’s the border surrounding the paragraph we are trying to edit.



Please what’s the correct way?


body {
background-image: url(“paper.gif”);

If your using the above code, you should have a <body> tag in your htm.


Yes. Was showing you I wasn’t getting it😭


:joy::joy: I think your doing great.


thank you so much!


Great. So now I want you to make your website better.

Add more paragraphs to your About Us page, and put borders around each paragraph.


Yes I do get the concept. Let me add a background image to my webpage.


Is this an assignment or classwotk​:sleepy::tired_face:


Assignment due tomorrow oo




My webpage with background.